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Carpenter frame icon.png CRP (actions)
Blacksmith frame icon.png BSM (actions)
Armorer frame icon.png ARM (actions)
Goldsmith frame icon.png GSM (actions)
Leatherworker frame icon.png LTW (actions)
Weaver frame icon.png WVR (actions)
Alchemist frame icon.png ALC (actions)
Culinarian frame icon.png CUL (actions)


Use dark matter to mend damaged equipment.

— In-game description

Repair is an action unlocked at level 1. It is available for CarpenterBlacksmithArmorerGoldsmithLeatherworkerWeaverAlchemist and Culinarian.

Additional Information

Gear Durability, also known as just durability, is a mechanic where items will no longer increase a player's stats once it reaches zero.

Durability is reduced by getting KO'd, completing dungeons, completing fates, crafting, and gathering.

The general action Repair (action).png  Repair allows Disciples of the Hand to increase durability of gear up to 10 levels above them by 100%. This can increase durability above 100%, but gear can only be repaired when it is below 100% and requires dark matter. Grade 1 to 6 dark matter can be used to repair gear up to a level equal to its grade times 10. Grade 7 dark matter icon1.png  Grade 7 Dark Matter can be used to repair gear up to level 80, and Grade 8 dark matter icon1.png  Grade 8 Dark Matter can be used to repair gear up to level 90. Each DoH class can only repair some gear, depending on what material the gear is made from.

Menders can repair gear at the cost of Gil gil, but only up to 100% durability.