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Reconnaissance Lost

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Reconnaissance Lost

Quest giver
Coerthas Western Highlands (X:32, Y:38)
Quest line
Heavensward Main Scenario

Experience 96,000
Gil 658
Previous quest
From on High
Next quest
At the End of Our Hope

In times such as these, Ser Redwald is glad to have veterans like you to whom he can turn.

— In-game description


Optional rewards



  • A reconnaissance party sent north to Riversmeet in search of the heretics' hideaway has gone missing, and though he knows not the cause, Ser Redwald believes time is of the essence. Accordingly, he has dispatched several parties to search for the missing knights, each assigned to a different area. You and Lord Artoirel are to comprise one such party. Seek out your partner and speak with him when you are ready to depart.
  • Lord Artoirel informs you that you are to search the area near Camp Riversmeet. Like Falcon's Nest, it was abandoned following the Calamity, but that does not discount the possibility that the missing knights may have taken shelter there. Follow the young lord to the cliffs overlooking the camp from the south.
  • Save for several wild beasts, you see no signs of life in the camp below. As there is no safe way to descend the cliffs, Lord Artoirel bids you follow him to a path leading to the riverbed below, east of the Black Iron Bridge.
  • Pausing briefly, Lord Artoirel looks for signs of the reconnaissance party's passing, but finds none. Yet given the fierce snows, he says, that is no guarantee that they did not pass this way. In any case, you have yet to investigate the camp itself. Lord Artoirel presses on, and so must you.
  • You come upon a band of heretics poised to slay one of the missing knights. Fixing you with murderous glares, they attack, but are no match for the Warrior of Light. The knight has yet to rise to his feet. See if there is anything you can do.
  • Drawn by the sounds of struggle, Lord Artoirel abandons his watch outside the camp and rushes to your side. Together, you question the wounded knight, who appears to be the sole survivor of the missing reconnaissance party, which was ambushed by the heretics in the midst of a furious blizzard. Convinced that the heretics' hideaway lies somewhere to the north, he begs you to help him continue the search -- though he is clearly in no condition to do so...

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