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Mainscenarioquest.pngMain Scenario Quest

Quest Giver Thierremont - Coerthas Western Highlands (x32, y28)
Requirements Level 50
Items Needed
Reward Experience Points 48000    Gil 517
Mythrite gauntlets of fending icon1.png, Mythrite gauntlets of maiming icon1.png, Archaeoskin gloves of striking icon1.png, Rainbow halfgloves of scouting icon1.png, Allagan silver piece icon1.png
Previous Quest Next Quest
The First and Foremost Dances with Wolves
Grandfather's Belongings
Reconnaissance Lost





  • Before you return to Falcon's Nest, Thierremont has a favor to ask.
  • Thierremont has always appreciated the kindness shown to him by Ser Ysaudore, a knight stationed at the observation post to the west known as the Anvil. For that reason, he wishes to return to her a package he believes she left behind by accident during her last visit. Deliver the package as bade and see if Ser Ysaudore recognizes it.
  • Torn between decorum and her desire to do right by the hardworking mason, Ser Ysaudore deliberately left behind the package of extra rations, believing that Thierremont would understand her gesture. Alas, he did not, and now the food has gone to waste. As there is nothing to be done, return to Falcon's Nest and report to Ser Redwald.
  • Tales of your various deeds have reached Ser Redwald's ears, giving him cause to applaud your initiative. However, he has not the time to thank you properly, as a sudden development has him scrambling to dispatch every able-bodied man and woman.