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Purse Web Spider

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Purse Web Spider

This lightweight spider can distribute its weight over a large surface area, allowing it to "walk" on water without sinking. Live bait for freshwater fishing.

— In-game description



Vendor Location / Coordinates Section Cost Unlock req.
Emptier of Purses The Churning Mists (28.4, 34.1) Purchase Items Gil 13
Evrardoux The Pillars (6.5, 9.5) Purchase Items Gil 13
Peddler of Wonders The Sea of Clouds (9.5, 33) Purchase Items Gil 13
Repository Node Azys Lla (9.9, 11.5) Purchase Items Gil 13
Shichiho Kugane (12.7, 12.2) Purchase Items Gil 13
Vernarth The Crystarium (9.3, 14.4) General Gil 13

Used to Catch