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Dragged through the Mud

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Dragged Through the Mud

Out of Sight (Quest).png
Quest giver
The Peaks (X:16.8, Y:37.4)

Required items
1 20px  Baut's Ring
Experience 27,000
Gil 900
Previous quest
The Path Forward
Public Opinion
Next quest
Second Chances

Baut has a plan to smear his reputation.

— In-game description


Optional rewards



  • Baut has a plan to smear his reputation.
  • Baut intends to ruin the villagers' perception of him through a rumor of his own creation. Taking his ring in hand, he plans for you to go about town claiming he is the man responsible for the death of one of the village's holy men shortly after his arrival. Before setting the rumor to spinning, however, he suggests gauging the reaction of a single individual. The victim he has chosen is J'dyalani.
  • You show J'dyalani the ring and relay to her Baut's rumor. Her feigned shock is short-lived as she is certain you would never do anything to damage his reputation. She asks you to remind Baut that, regardless of any crimes he has committed in the past, the people of Ala Ghiri are only concerned with the kind-hearted man he has shown himself to be since arriving there.
  • Baut is disappointed to hear J'dyalani was able to see through his lie so easily. He asks you to speak with her once more, hoping she will help you convince the villagers with the truth rather than falsehoods. In the meantime, he will continue deliberating on his next course of action.
  • In light of Baut's situation, J'dyalani concedes that speaking with a member Alliance could potentially solve their problems. You mention that he has been working with Brazen Brook to arrange his surrender, and she grows concerned that his arrest─and execution─are imminent. She insists on speaking with Brazen Brook at once, hoping to convince him to spare Baut's life.
  • J'dyalani pleads for Baut's life, going so far as to offer herself in his stead. Brazen Brook can only answer her with confusion. He soon makes clear that they have no intentions of executing Baut. Rather, they need to question him regarding documents left behind by the Garleans after they fled Ala Ghiri. J'dyalani is pleased to hear this, and leaves to go share the good news.
  • You return to speak with Baut, but find only a note in his place. J'dyalani's eyes grow wide with horror as you read aloud the note's contents. Still haunted by the past, Baut means to end his own life, and asks that you deliver his head to the Allied forces. You must move quickly if you are to save him.