Cloying Victory

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Cloying Victory

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Quest giver
Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks (X:6.0, Y:6.1)
Experience 6,240
Gil 0
Previous quest
Feature QuestMarket for Death
Next quest
Feature QuestPeasants by Day, Ninjas by Night

Jacke needs you to join his rogues in the effort to reclaim the Black Sarcophagus.

— In-game description


In addition to the above, choose one of the following options:


The level 20 Main Scenario Quest Main Scenario QuestSylph-management is required for the next quest to unlock.

Solo Duty

Solo duty begins after waiting at the Aftcastle. Stay with Jacke and the other rogues. Focus on the healers and archers first, before ganging up on the tanks.

When Jacke engages the pirate captain Aisibhir Badwind, you'll get some pop-up dialog telling you to find hidden detonators. You have 3 minutes to do this, or the mission fails. Leave the enemy NPCs to the rogues, and head both left and right around the outside of the Drowning Wench. The detonators are up and down ramps, at the extreme ends of the paths. Once all three detonators are destroyed, it's safe to return to Jacke and help finish off the enemy NPCs.


  • Keep watch from your position at the Aftcastle.
  • Speak with Jacke at the Rogues' Guild.


  • Jacke needs you to join his rogues in the effort to reclaim the Black Sarcophagus.
  • Jacke has decided that a net of rogues cast over the city is the only way to catch the Reformists before they can go through with their murderous plan. Take up your position at the *Aftcastle, and stay vigilant for any signs of Aisibhir and his crew.
  • Slipping past the vigilant gazes of rogues and Yellowjackets alike, the Reformists manage to reach the Mizzenmast and prime the Black Sarcophagus to explode. With scant moments left until the mine is set to detonate, however, you manage to disable the device and save the city from untold destruction. Aisibhir and his crew are defeated, and the prototype weapon once again safe in the hands of the Yellowjackets. As for Milala's challenge, Jacke's keen ears and nimble fingers have allowed the impudent guildmaster to liberate the Silver Sorrows from the ailing and unsuspecting captain. Thus do the rogues end the contest with two of the three treasures, ensuring victory for the guild. Return to the Dutiful Sisters and speak with Jacke.
  • Appearing glad to see the difficult and lengthy assignment come to an end, Jacke praises your unrelenting dedication to the code. Should you choose to leave the shadows of the underworld, however, he suggests that you devote yourself to a code of your own, and employ your deadly new skills to uphold it. Though your eyes may readjust to the light of day, the lessons learned at the Dutiful Sisters will never leave you.


Accepting the quest

Jacke: If the leader o' the Reformists——this "Captain Aisibhir"——is plannin' on millin' the Admiral with a bang, then my guess is he'll be aimin' to demolish the entire command room.
Jacke: Ye know the Mizzenmast, aye? The tower what holds the Drownin' Wench an' Bulwark Hall? The Admiral's Bridge——an' her command room——are right at the top of it.
Jacke: Then ye've got the district what surrounds the Mizzenmast——that's the busy beatin' heart o' the city. Even with the threat of an attack, ye can't just seal it up in the blink of an eye an' call the whole thing bob. Try to explain the danger to the culls what live an' work there, an' then ye'd have a frightened, stampedin' mob on yer fambles.
Jacke: Nay, lad, our only option is to have eyes snilchin' every approach to the tower. I'll put the whid out to as many coves as I can, an' spread 'em through the streets.
Jacke: Yer job'll be to cover the Aftcastle. Just wait an' see, [Player]——we'll get this' his little bomb, too!

Waiting at destination - cutscene

Jacke: Ugh, the fog picked a grand night to roll in thick. This'll make things interestin'...
Milala: Our presence on the streets is far too thin! Where are the reinforcements I ordered!?
Yellowjacket: My apologies, Captain. There just aren't any more soldiers to spare. The bulk of our forces has already been assigned to guard not only the Admiral, but a number of other high-ranking personnel, as well.
Milala: Unacceptable! What could Commode Reyner be thinking? There are dangerous criminals stalking the city as we speak!
Milala: Call in squads from the outposts if you must, but I want to see our security tightened and the populace properly protected!
Yellowjacket: But, Captain... We can't be certain the pirates' plan hasn't changed. If we consider the possibility that they've switched to a target outside the walls, it would be folly to weaken those defenses...
Milala: Hmph! You've made your point, Sergeant. Return to your post!
Milala: Once all is lost, it is far too late to question what one should have done...
Milala: You seem troubled, sir. Perhaps I can be of assis——
Milala: Ah!
Smirking Lalafell: I've been dyin' to meet you, lass. Aye, keen to set eyes on the bold Yellowbelly what cost our crew a fortune in Ul'dahn coin.
Milala: You... You're an Executioner! One of Aisibhir's men!
Aisibhir's Windward: Ye've strayed too far into a world ye don't understand, lass. Yer eyes is fixed on the light o' justice, leavin' ye blind to the chasm openin' up at yer feet...
Aisibhir's Windward: At least they'll say ye died with yer boots on.
Aisibhir's Windward: The Yellowbelly won't be botherin' us no more, Cap'n. As for the mine, the lads'll 'ave it primed in front o' the Wench by the time ye get there.
Aisibhir: Good. Not long now afore we drag that bitch Admiral, her pretty tower, an' all her simperin' curs down to the bottom o' the sea...
Aisibhir: Then I'll raise our flag on the ruins o' the Mizzenmast, an' lead our brethren in a return to the old ways o' blood an' plunder!
Ebrious Citizen: Should not've 'ad that lasht bottle... <hiccup> ...Bottlesh? The wife ish gonna... <hiccup> ...kill me...
Ebrious Citizen: ...Eh? What'sh that, then?
Milala: ...Not after...the command room...
They mean to bring down...the entire...tower... Milala: If the Mizzenmast falls... <gasp> The bridges...will follow... Half the city will... Milala: P-Please... You must help me...
The danger... Far greater than we... Ebrious Citizen:' Bloody hells! It'sh alive! Oh no, no, no, I didn't shee nuffin'! Didn't. Shee. Nuffin! Milala: Please! You must...send word... Milala: Someone...must be told... Milala: You... How did you...? Jacke: Yer "valiant an' forthright" weapon——ye could hear that single pistol shot from malms away. Weren't hard to guess what'd happened. Perimu Haurimu: I poked the Yellowjackets on me way over. A healer'll be along shortly. Jacke: Bene. That means we've only one last thing to do. Milala: We have never...been allies... But I beg of you... Milala: You must... You must stop them! ...Save the city! Jacke: Ah, lass, ye know ye don't need to ask. Takin' down mad coves an' bitin' back what was bitten is our job. Jacke: You all set, then? V'kebbe: Ready, Jacke. Perimu Haurimu: Always! Jacke: Then let's go cloy that sarcophagus——an' fit Aisibhir for a new coffin!

Solo duty

Captain Jacke: Make for the Mizzenmast an' find Aisibhir!
Perimu Haurimu Underfoot: So many of 'em...
I think their whole bloody crew is here! Captain Jacke: Bene!
Ye know how I hate trackin' down stragglers! Aisibhir Badwind: Ye can't stop us now, scrags!
Only three minutes until the show begins! V'kebbe the Stray: What!? That's it, then!? Perimu Haurimu Underfoot: Find an' smash them detonators!
Check the ramps goin' up, an' goin' down! Captain Jacke: [Player], mill all them detonators!
We'll keep these coves busy! Perimu Haurimu Underfoot: The light on the mine went out! V'kebbe the Stray: [Player]'s disabled the sarcophagus! Captain Jacke: That's the bomb taken care of, then.
Now these bastards get our full attention! Aisibhir Badwind: Damn you rogues an' yer swivin' code!
I'll have yer bloody 'eads for this! Aisibhir Badwind: This wasn't...part o' me plan...
I could've been a king among pirates...


Milala: Status report?
Yellowjacket: The mine has been disabled, and the engineers should soon have it safely removed.
Yellowjacket: Our soldiers sustained some injuries in the battle with the Reformists, but none were fatal. ...Also, the Admiral sends her sincerest gratitude.
Milala: Hm...
Enamored Citizen: Look, there she is! That's Captain Milala! The hero of Limsa Lominsa!
Edgy Citizen: Are you recovered from your wounds, Captain!?
Enamored Citizen: We heard how you very nearly lost your life stopping that horde of pirates from blowing up the Mizzenmast!
Excited Citizen: Three cheers for the Yellowjackets! Our city'd be lost without ye!
Milala: But, wait... That's not how it...
Milala: Sergeant! What of the rogues? Did they survive the battle?
Yellowjacket: I don't rightly know, Captain... All we found near the sarcophagus were Reformists——either dead or strung from the rafters.
Milala: ...Alive, then. 'Twould seem we are deeply in their debt.
Yellowjacket: ...Ah, Captain? Might I have the Silver Sorrows from you now? We've been ordered to hand them over to the commodore, along with the Black Sarcophagus.
Milala: Why, of course, they're right h——
Milala: ...The earrings! I could've sworn I was still...
Milala: <gasp> ...He wouldn't have! He stole them from me while I lay dying!?
Milala: That...that cad! I knew he was not to be trusted!
Milala: "Keep an eye on them," indeed. I should have known...
Perimu Haurimu: Are ye sure about this, Jacke? We should've cloyed the sarcophagus as well.
Jacke: ...Eh, I think she's earned it, don't you? If it bothers ye that much, think of it as a trade.
V'kebbe: <giggle> If ye ask me, they look a bit daft.
Jacke: Well, I didn't ask ye!
Jacke: So, the 'Jackets ended up with the mine, an' we got the diamond an' the earrings. Which means... Victory belongs to the Rogues' Guild!
Perimu Haurimu: Do ye think Milala'll leave it at that, then? I get the feelin' we ain't done with her yet.
Jacke: I'd say we're done with her challenge, but ye never know when our paths'll cross again. We'll just have to see what Limsa's underbelly spits up next.
Perimu Haurimu: Aye. This city ain't ever quiet for long...
Perimu Haurimu: Well, it's been a pleasure workin' with ye, [Player]! If I ever need a trusty pair o' stabbers by me side, I'll know who to ask!
V'kebbe: I'm off as well. Bloody starvin', I am... Don't forget to yaffle a bite when ye can, eh, [Player]?
Jacke: We'd best head back to the Sisters, too, afore the shrew decides she'd rather hear us cry cockles.
Jacke: Bene work, [Player]. Be seein' ye soon.

Reporting back to Jacke

Jacke: Ho there, [Player]. It'll be nice to finally have a bit of rest, eh? The job never ends, but even a dimber damber like meself needs to breathe every now an' again.
Jacke: An' yer 'venturin' mates must be wonderin' where ye've got to! That was a proper long assignment, but I'm glad ye decided to see it through.
Jacke: Ye've proven to be a stalwart protector o' the code...even if this ain't truly yer world. When ye walk back into the lightmans, ye'll have to find yer own code to uphold.
Jacke: An' when ye do, ye'll have the skills ye learned in the shadows to help ye defend it.
Jacke: Well, that's more'n enough prittle prattle out o' me. Yer travels might take ye far an' wide, [Player], but know yer always welcome here at the Sisters!