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One More Night in Amdapor

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One More Night in Amdapor

One More Night in Amdapor.png
Quest giver
Old Gridania (X:6.0, Y:10.6)
Required quest
Heavensward (Quest)
Experience 0
Gil 3,881
Previous quest
One Night in Amdapor

— In-game description




Despite the (Hard) in the name, the dungeon is not actually more difficult than any other story-mode dungeon. It is easily completed blind with the Duty Finder.



  • Brother E–Sumi–Yan requires your assistance in a matter he thought long since put to rest.
  • A worried Brother E–Sumi–Yan reveals that the stirring of a hostile presence within the walls of the Lost City of Amdapor has prompted the Twelveswood's elementals to abandon their efforts to cleanse the ruins. Travel to Camp Tranquil in the South Shroud and answer Raya–O–Senna's plea for assistance.
  • Raya–O–Senna bids you delve once more into the Lost City of Amdapor, and banish the entity that has so unsettled the Twelveswood's eternal protectors. Speak with the Wood Wailer Alphene who stands guard at the ruins' entrance.
  • You prevail upon Alphene to unbar the gate to the ancient city of the Amdapori. What new terror has laid claim to its moldering stones? How many times must you cleanse the ruins of this obdurate darkness?
  • You have ventured into the darkest reaches of the Lost City of Amdapor, and vanquished the undying guardians lurking therein. Return to Camp Tranquil and inform Raya–O–Senna of your success.
  • Brother E–Sumi–Yan arrives at Camp Tranquil just as you announce your return to Raya–O–Senna. After hearing the tale of your expedition, the Padjals speculate that the animated statues you encountered may have begun to stir when darkness last took hold within the ruins. And when the elementals subsequently entered the city, the Amdapori sentinels likely perceived the purely aetherial beings as voidsent invaders of the kind often employed by the city of Mhach. The incident thus explained, and the defenses safely disabled, the Padjals may now resume the task of returning the ancient city to the embrace of the forest.