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One Good Turn

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One Good Turn

One Good Turn Image.png
Quest giver
The Sea of Clouds (X:19, Y:11)
Quest line
Heavensward Main Scenario

Experience 153,600
Gil 564
Previous quest
A Difference of Opinion
Next quest
An Engineering Enterprise

Judging from Cid's expression, he has news which he believes will please you..

— In-game description




  • Speak with Cid.


  • Having calculated the precise direction of the beam of light, Wedge now knows the heading that will lead you to Azys Lla. And so, with Lucia's magitek armor safely stowed aboard the Enterprise, you at last resume your pursuit of the Soleil.

    As the land of the Vanu disappears into the distance, Lucia reveals her true identity. She is Lucia goe Junius, Garlean defector, and sister to Livia sas Junius, whom you slew in battle. Sensing your discomfort, Lucia claims to hold no grudge against you -- and given her recent performance in battle, Cid is more than happy to take her at her word.

    Some hours later, your comrades' calculations are confirmed when the clouds part to reveal the floating isle of Azys Lla. Alas, your progress is halted soon after by a powerful energy barrier which threatens to tear the Enterprise apart. Frustrated, Cid turns the airship around and sets course for Ishgard, lamenting the Allagans' knack for making the simplest of tasks so infernally bloody complicated.

  • The thought of repairing the Enterprise yet again is enough to fill Cid with dread. On the other hand, any landing you can walk away from...

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