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Female ♀
Hyur (Midlander)
Labyrinthos (20.4,20.1)

From the industrious enclave of Sharlayan Hamlet lifts a cry of anguish─working hours are too long, deadlines are too short, and, perhaps worst of all, the chairs are murder to sit on. Margrat may be only one of Labyrinthos's many denizens, but her distress echoes a greater discontentment within Sharlayan's foremost research community. Is there any hope for Margrat and her peers? Or will the voices of those who labor for love remain unheard?

— In-game description

Margrat is a Hyur found in Labyrinthos.

Quests Started

Quest Type Level Quest Giver
The Pride of Labyrinthos Feature quest 80 Margrat

Quests Involved In

Quest Type Level Quest Giver
Going Haam Main Scenario quest 90 Urianger
A Request of One's Own Feature quest 80 Theopauldin

Custom Deliveries

Rank Crafted Gathered Fished
Level 1 Cushion care package icon1.png  Cushion Care PackageCollectable Cushion care package materials icon1.png  Cushion Care Package MaterialsCollectable Ossicula icon1.png  OssiculaCollectable
Level 2 Feline recreational device icon1.png  Feline Recreational DeviceCollectable Feline fascinators icon1.png  Feline FascinatorsCollectable Kitty herring icon1.png  Kitty HerringCollectable
Level 3 Mesmerizing miniature icon1.png  Mesmerizing MiniatureCollectable Mesmerizing miniature materials icon1.png  Mesmerizing Miniature MaterialsCollectable Empyreal spiral icon1.png  Empyreal SpiralCollectable
Level 4 Energizing eye-lixir icon1.png  Energizing Eye-lixirCollectable Energizing eye-lixir materials icon1.png  Energizing Eye-lixir MaterialsCollectable Sarikuyruk icon1.png  SarikuyrukCollectable
Level 5 Researchers relaxation kit icon1.png  Researcher's Relaxation KitCollectable Researchers relaxation kit materials icon1.png  Researcher's Relaxation Kit MaterialsCollectable Opal tetra icon1.png  Opal TetraCollectable

Additional Information