Leia's Legacy

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Mainscenarioquest.pngMain Scenario Quest

Quest Giver Luquelot - Central Shroud (x20, y21)
Requirements Level 14
Items Needed
Reward Experience Points 3220   
Antidote icon1.png
Bronze cuirass icon1.png, Cotton shirt icon1.png, Cotton cowl icon1.png, Allagan bronze piece icon1.png
Previous Quest Next Quest
Salvaging the Scene Dread Is in the Air




  • Question the people of Bentbranch Meadows.
  • Speak with Luquelot.
  • Subdue the thief, and take back Leia's egg.
  • Retrieve Leia's egg.
  • Return Leia's egg to Luquelot.
  • Speak with Luquelot.


  • Luquelot at Bentbranch Meadows seeks your assistance in finding a lost chocobo egg.
  • The lost chocobo egg appears to be of great importance to Luquelot. Question the people of Bentbranch Meadows and see what clues you can uncover as to its whereabouts.
  • You have finished questioning the ranch workers. Report your findings to Luquelot.
  • The egg thief appears to be a man from Luquelot's homeland of Ishgard. Follow the thief's trail to the Tam-Tara Deepcroft, and retrieve Leia's egg.
  • You emerge victorious from your confrontation with the egg thief. Take possession of Leia's egg.
  • Return Leia's egg to Luquelot at Bentbranch Meadows.
  • You have retrieved Leia's egg and returned it to Bentbranch Meadows, much to the relief of everyone at the ranch. Speak with Luquelot, who will doubtless want to reward you.
  • Having thanked you profusely for your assistance, Luquelot reveals that he bore witness to a most alarming sight while you were away. Given the obvious depth of his concern, it may be wise to ask the worried Elezen to relate the details.