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Before the finishing touches can be added to the Resistance weapon, Zlatan has one last task for you.

— In-game description


Depending on job:


Main article: Blade's Weapons/Quest

Speak to Zlatan (x6.1, y4.9) in Gangos with an Augmented Law's Order Weapon in your inventory.

Get 15 Raw emotion icon1.png  Raw Emotions. These can be obtained from the following sources:

Upon turning in the quest, you will need to decide how to allocate the stats on your weapon. This is the final step, and will complete the Blade's weapon.



  • Before the finishing touches can be added to the Resistance weapon, Zlatan has one last task for you.
    • ※Changing classes or jobs will prevent progress during this quest.
  • As Zlatan explains it, the raw emotions you seek were first discovered at the site of intense battles where emotions ran high. He asks that you seek out equally fierce confrontations to find fifteen crystals of raw emotion.
    • ※You may not proceed with a class or job that is different from when you accepted this quest.
    • ※Raw emotions can be obtained by completing the raids Delubrum Reginae or the Dalriada in Zadnor, any level 70 dungeon, or the deep dungeon Heaven-on-High.
  • You return to Gangos with the required raw emotions, and it is not long before the familiar clangor of Gerolt's hammer and the whirring of the Allagan node fills the air. Before long, the work is completed, and you find yourself the proud owner of a weapon the ancient Bozjans could only dream of, possessed of a strength that may very well rival that of Save the Queen. Zlatan wastes no time relaying the good news to Bajsaljen.
Interrupting the jubilant mood, Regana brings up the matter of their contract, claiming Rowena has doubled the asking price for the materials used in the forging of such weapons. To everyone's surprise, Rowena herself appears unexpectedly to refute those selfsame claims and thereby uncover Regana's extortion scheme. Her plans exposed, Regana fully expects her employment to be terminated, but Zlatan insists she stays on to fulfill the contract between the Resistance and the House of Splendors. Rowena consents to his request, and all present, save perhaps Gerolt, are pleased to see that their work will be allowed to continue.
Your work to perfect the Resistance weapon has enheartened Bajsaljen, for now the people of Bozja will at last have a shining beacon of hope under which they might rally.