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The Notes of Bond Restoring

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The Notes of Bond Restoring

Cherished Memories.png
Quest giver
The Crystarium (X:11.4, Y:8.4)
Quest line
Facet of Crafting
Required items
1 Lute modification component materials icon1.png  Lute Modification Component Materials
1 Lute modification component icon1.png  Lute Modification Component
Experience 0
Gil 1,215
Previous quest
For Sentimental Reasons
Next quest
For Every Child a Star

Thiuna appears to be under the weather.

— In-game description





  • Thiuna appears to be under the weather.
  • In dejected tones, Thiuna explains that while she has finished restoring the lute and it looks exactly as it should, the sound is all wrong. Even as she racks her brain for a solution, Noddy clamors for your attention, but it appears to be experiencing another error...
  • A firm whack sets Noddy aright, and it proceeds to reveal to you the details of Harig's ill-fated final journey. Apparently, the artisan traveled to Kholusia in order to trade with the Ondo for the material needed to make a replacement soundboard. By a stroke of fortuity, Thiuna recently acquired the very same material from an Ondo merchant, and believing that it holds the key to the lute's sound, she bids you use it to craft a modification component.
  • You hand the component to Thiuna, who sets to work modifying the instrument. The component indeed proves to be the solution, and the lute looks and sings as it did once more. All that remains, then, is to show it to Owell. Needing no invitation as usual, Noddy sets out to arrange the meeting, and bids you come to the Wandering Stairs.
  • At the Wandering Stairs, Owell grudgingly approves of Thiuna's work on the lute, but his mind is unchanged on its lack of a practical purpose. However, as the customers of Cherished Memories gather to hear its music and he in turn hears their tales, he comes to accept the importance of restoration in a world starved of hope. To Thiuna's shock, Owell then confesses that he was the one who broke the lute, the thought that his beloved master died in vain giving rise to his hatred for restoration. With all thus laid bare, Thiuna and Owell finally reconcile after long years of estrangement, the rift between them mended alongside Harig's lute.
  • Though she felt that she knew it all along, it brings Thiuna great joy to finally admit to herself that Owell is family. With matters thus concluded, she bids you join her back at the workshop.
  • Back at Cherished Memories, Thiuna thanks you profusely for all the help you afforded her. Looking up to you as her inspiration, she promises to continue honing her skills and doing her part to make Norvrandt a better place. Last but not least, she declares that she will play the lute at the tavern whenever she can, that its soothing music might bring comfort to the citizens of the Crystarium, as it once did in her late master's hands.