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Morsel of the Deep

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Morsel of the Deep

Well Eel Be Damned.png
Quest giver
The Crystarium (X:11.0, Y:8.8)
Quest line
Facet of Fishing
Required items
1 Prospero eel icon1.png  Prospero Eel
Experience 0
Gil 2,027
Previous quest
Fishing for Confidence
Next quest
For Every Child a Star

Frithrik is desperate to find a cure for crysteosis, specifically one that includes fish.

— In-game description





  • Frithrik is desperate to find a cure for crysteosis, specifically one that includes fish.
  • Frithrik's attempts to discover a cure for Hurielle's crysteosis have been largely unsuccessful thus far, with the only clue being a potential link to the disease known as Noble's Rot, which causes similar symptoms. As this illness appears to only affect those living in the lap of luxury, Lobb and Frithrik come to the conclusion that quizzing the residents of Stilltide─a fishing village near the opulent city of Eulmore─might uncover hints as to a potential remedy.
  • You meet Frithrik near the coastal village of Stilltide, with Eulmore towering high above atop a pillar of rock. Although the nearby wooden shacks are a far cry from the ostentatiously decorated domes and spires of the great city, your companion senses that the knowledge of local fishers will be of use in your search. Frithrik points out an elderly angler who seems likely to have answers to your questions.
  • The aged fisher reveals that Noble's Rot is indeed prevalent among the residents of Eulmore, and is treated by eating a course of prospero eels. As they seldom venture beyond their habitat in the depths of the ocean, they are only caught in fishing nets by chance when they wander too close to the surface, making it nigh on impossible to hook them using conventional methods. Luckily, the old man is quick to suggest an alternative: the same eels are occasionally brought to market by the Ondo. While they only sporadically make the journey to Eulmore, their aquatic home has a ready supply of the fish you seek, so you decide to make the journey beneath the waves in pursuit of your prey.
  • You return to the Crystalline Mean to deliver a prospero eel freshly caught in the Tempest. Frithrik wastes no time in preparing a meal to help alleviate the symptoms of Hurielle's illness, although it remains to be seen whether her crysteosis and Noble's Rot are one and the same condition.
  • The dish is gratefully received and promptly polished off, and Hurielle already appears to be feeling revitalized. The celebrations are soon cut short by the arrival of her father, Mervyl, who demands to know what you and your companions are doing in his daughter's infirmary room. His anger quickly dissolves when he learns of your efforts to save Hurielle, and Frithrik makes a heartfelt plea to put an end to their feud. Mervyl, seeing the error of his ways, buries the hatchet and agrees to cooperate with Frithrik's endeavors. As the tearful father begs for his daughter's forgiveness, the rest of you decide to reconvene at the Crystalline Mean.
  • Mervyl returns from Hurielle's bedside and vows to give his full support to Frithrik and his revolutionary approach. With such an influential figure devoting himself to the cause, it will not be long before the rest of the Facet of Fishing follows suit. Frithrik's goal of improving the lives of the citizenry through a more varied diet is close to becoming a reality, and his success is due in no small part to your tireless efforts. He offers you his sincerest thanks and wishes you well on your journey.