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Floundering Fame

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Floundering Fame

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Quest giver
Thavnair (X:25.7, Y:34.0)
Quest line
Dawntrail Role Quests
Required quest
Feature QuestThe Seeds of Popularity
Magic Ranged DPS role.png Magical Ranged DPS
Experience 1,075,220
Gil 1,000
Previous quest
Feature QuestThe Seeds of Popularity
Next quest
Feature QuestBehind the Helm

Tepeke appears pleased with the blow dealt to the Justiciar's credibility.

— In-game description


  • Gather information from the youths in Radz–at–Han.
  • Speak with Zasshal.
  • Speak with Tepeke.
  • Speak with Tepeke at Palaka's Stand.
  • Stand watch at the designated location.
  • Wait at the designated location, then follow the furtive youth without being seen.
  • Speak with Tepeke.
  • Speak with Tepeke in Yedlihmad.


  • Tepeke appears pleased with the blow dealt to the Justiciar's credibility.
  • It seems that spreading the truth of Justiciar's character has had the desired effect, as Tepeke informs you that public opinion has shifted since his questionable actions were brought to light. She also shares a rumor that mysterious letters have been circulating among his most ardent followers in Radz–at–Han, and she is determined to ascertain the contents. She asks you to aid her by questioning residents in the western quarter of the city, where the impressionable youth are said to gather.
  • While most in the western quarter seem to know only rumors of the letters or seem reticent to speak with you, one boy tells you that he overheard Zasshal the merchant mention the Justiciar in the vicinity of Mehryde's Meyhane, where he may yet be. You decide to head there and ask the merchant what he knows of the elusive charlatan.
  • You come upon Zasshal cheering to the Justiciar's generosity, and after a bit of prodding from you, the merchant shows no scruple in spilling his client's secrets. He says that he was approached by the Justiciar, who purchased all the merchant's maps. Not soon after did letters appear in Radz–at–Han with a copy of a map leading to the Uznair canals. Although the details are yet unclear, it is plain that Virazahn is planning something there. Return to Radz–at–Han to share this discovery with Tepeke.
  • Impressed at your investigative abilities, Tepeke guesses that the Justiciar's followers might gather at Palaka's Stand before departing for Uznair. She asks you to follow her there with haste, before the trail goes cold.
  • You notice a few more youthful faces than usual around Palaka's Stand, and Tepeke has observed several clutching maps. Her presence has been noted, however, as none of the youths will allow her to approach, let alone speak with them. She concocts a plan to take advantage of their wariness─she will keep a half-hearted vigil in the hopes that one among their number attempts to slip past her gaze. You are to watch from a hidden vantage point and follow anyone who attempts to leave Palaka's Stand.
  • As Tepeke surmised, one of the Justiciar's followers attempts to sneak past her and heads to the settlement's outskirts. Follow close behind to see where he might lead you.
    • ※In the event of failure, return to the designated location to reattempt the objective.
  • You follow the young man to the entrance to Uznair before confronting him, and he confesses that he was there to learn the truth of the rumors for himself. Deciding he would be better off at home, he entrusts the map to you. You and Tepeke then enter the canals, eventually reaching a chamber full of large rocks strewn about and a group of wounded people. In the center of all this stands Virazahn. He gives a grandiose speech, declaring his intent to become known as Radz–at–Han's greatest hero, before retreating behind a hail of stone, leaving the wounded behind to tell their tale. Apparently, the majority came as followers of the Justiciar, but when a duo of thieves brandished their weapons, he wielded the apex's powers against them, wounding friend and foe alike. For a blessing, none were mortally wounded, but Virazahn has once more escaped the hand of justice. After leaving the canals, Tepeke asks you to wait while she guides the people into the care of the Radiant Host.
  • Having guided the wounded safely to the Radiant Host, your first encounter with Virazahn has ended with less-than-favorable results. However, the story of what happened in Uznair may deal a grievous blow to the Justiciar's reputation, and Tepeke is optimistic as she departs to Yedlihmad, bidding you to follow.
  • As usual, Tepeke is unflappable in the face of Virazahn's escape, and seems almost heartened that your encounter has confirmed several theories about the treasure's powers. Certain that Virazahn's charade will soon come crashing down, Tepeke intends to cooperate with the Radiant Host to track him down before he lashes out in desperation. In the meantime, she asks you to stand ready to act once new information presents itself.
    • ※The next role quest will be available from Tepeke upon reaching level 98 in any magical ranged DPS class.
    • ※In order to undertake the subsequent quest, you must first complete the main scenario quest “The Long Road to Xak Tural.”