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The Seeds of Popularity

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The Seeds of Popularity

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Quest giver
Thavnair (X:25.7, Y:34.0)
Quest line
Dawntrail Role Quests
Required quest
Feature QuestA Brand of Justice
Magic Ranged DPS role.png Magical Ranged DPS
Experience 1,048,320
Gil 1,000
Previous quest
Feature QuestA Brand of Justice
Next quest
Feature QuestFloundering Fame

Tepeke is eager to share new developments in the search for the Justiciar.

— In-game description


  • Speak with Tepeke near the Giantsgall Grounds.
  • Use the sturdy rope to capture a weakened seedkin.
  • Show the captured morbol seedling to Tepeke.
  • Deliver the captured morbol seedling to the alchemist.
  • Gather information in Yedlihmad.
  • Speak with Tepeke.


  • Tepeke is eager to share new developments in the search for the Justiciar.
  • The Justiciar has been busy performing acts of supposed heroism across Thavnair, with eyewitness accounts reporting that the man has rescued countless citizens from attacks by vicious flora. Tepeke finds the Justiciar's ability to be there for every instance of these assaults to be highly suspicious and suggests searching for one of these creatures before they have a chance to waylay innocent victims. She decides that the investigation shall start near the Giantsgall Grounds, where the majority of these encounters have taken place.
  • You arrive at the Giantsgall Grounds, where Tepeke explains that she brought a rope so that you can capture any ambulatory plants you encounter─after beating them into submission, that is. She instructs you to search the area to the east, and to be on the lookout for anything green and mean.
  • After searching the area, you almost trip over a bundle of vine-like tentacles. While hardly monstrous, you give it a good trouncing before tying it up with the rope. Bring it to her to see what she wishes to do with the tiny specimen.
  • Tepeke looks pleased with your finding and says that the creature matches the description given in one of the Justiciar's sightings. She asks you to bring the specimen to the Great Work, where she will ask an acquaintance of hers to analyze it.
  • After handing over the captured seedkin to the alchemist, she conducts a quick analysis, determining that it was artificially grown using a potent alchemical mixture. This revelation drives Tepeke to conclude that the Justiciar himself spurs their growth before sending them to attack hapless citizens. However, nothing is certain until you can confront the man himself, and for that you must find him. The alchemist suggests returning to Yedlihmad, where stories of the Justiciar are on everyone's lips. Perhaps somewhere within the tales you can find a hint as to his whereabouts. Tepeke departs to the settlement and asks you to help ask the locals about the Justiciar's recent feats.
  • Unsurprisingly, the youth of Yedlihmad seem enamored by the Justiciar's deeds, but there are dissenting voices among the older population. One of the Radiants tells you that most of the incidents occur on seldom-traveled routes, and surmises that the man may very well be connected to a merchant using those roads. Tepeke will doubtless be excited to hear this piece of information.
  • Returning to Tepeke, you find her attempting to converse with a merchant. Though he's reluctant to speak the truth at first, he eventually reveals himself to be the father of the Justiciar, whose real name is Virazahn. The merchant confesses that his son visited him not long ago, taking valuable alchemical materials and maps containing information on trade routes. While the man feels guilt at his son's actions, he realizes that sharing his story may be the only way to stop his son from committing further misdeeds, and agrees to report to the Radiant Host. Tepeke plans to do the same, hoping that this information will undermine Virazahn's waxing popularity. It remains to be seen whether public opinion can be swayed, but in the meantime, you should keep your ear to the ground for any rumors regarding the Justiciar.
    • ※The next role quest will be available from Tepeke upon reaching level 96 in any magical ranged DPS class.