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Behind the Helm

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Behind the Helm

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Quest giver
Thavnair (X:25.7, Y:34.0)
Quest line
Dawntrail Role Quests
Required quest
Feature QuestFloundering Fame
Magic Ranged DPS role.png Magical Ranged DPS
Experience 1,102,080
Gil 2,000
Previous quest
Feature QuestFloundering Fame
Next quest
Feature QuestHeroes and Pretenders

Tepeke wishes to share the contents of a recent delivery with you.

— In-game description




  • Tepeke wishes to share the contents of a recent delivery with you.
  • Tepeke is in high spirits, for she but recently received news that her father has awakened and has traveled to Tuliyollal. While she wants nothing more than to go there and seek his wise counsel, she has already committed to helping the Radiant Host search for Virazahn. She asks you to go to Tuliyollal in her stead to seek her father out, suggesting that her mother Tsuuhe can tell you his whereabouts.
  • While slightly surprised that her daughter is not at your side, Tsuuhe is nonetheless glad to see you. She informs you that her husband Nettse has indeed arrived in Tuliyollal, and spends his days trying to find information that can aid his daughter from afar. If you wish to find him, Tsuuhe tells you to go to the Pyariyoanaan Plain, where he is engaged in a search for vital clues.
  • You search the Pyariyoanaan Plain until you come upon a man being attacked by a ferocious owl. After dispatching it, you see that he wears the characteristic accoutrements of a magic user. Help him get back on his feet.
  • Luckily, the man is not seriously hurt, and you soon find out he is indeed Nettse. You exchange stories about all that has transpired since Virazahn absconded with the treasure. He shares with you a theory that the owl tural vidraal within the Perch of the Apex activates its power when it senses danger, and also relates a forgotten legend that details its fate. You should return to Radz–at–Han to share this new information with Tepeke.
  • Back in Radz–at–Han, Tepeke hurriedly informs you that Virazahn has been sighted nearby. You rush to his location just in time to catch another of his grand speeches, in which he denounces the rumors of wrongdoing and declares his intent to become king. Those present are nonplussed by his theatrics, which are then interrupted by the appearance of his father. The merchant pleads with his son to give up and turn himself over to the Radiant Host, but Virazahn unleashes the treasure's power, bringing rocks hurtling from the sky. He then leaves, declaring that he shall soon challenge you to a battle. As you watch your quarry go, Tepeke turns your attention to the aftermath, and particularly Virazahn's father.
  • Virazahn's father is unharmed, and Tepeke asks him to explain Virazahn's odd expression after the rocks fell. He says that it was often worn by Virazahn when he was scolded or otherwise forced to stop playing make-believe. While it is worrying that such a childish pretender has possession of the Perch of the Apex, Tepeke knows the only course of action is to return to Yedlihmad, where she can finally hear of your journey to Tural.
  • Tepeke admits that her father's theory corresponds with Virazahn's actions, and thinks that perhaps the old legend hints that the tural vidraal's power increased in proportion to the danger it sensed. This explains Virazahn's eagerness to face you in battle, but Tepeke means to take advantage of his arrogance and overwhelm him with sheer magical power. She only needs to find a suitable place for an epic duel, a task for which she will recruit the Radiant Host's aid. In the meantime, prepare yourself for a battle worthy of legend.
    • ※The next role quest will be available from Tepeke upon reaching level 100 in any magical ranged DPS class.