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Worlds Apart

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Worlds Apart

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Quest giver
Amh Araeng (X:26.7, Y:16.7)
Quest line
Eden Quests

Experience 0
Gil 1,085
Previous quest
Echoes of a Fallen Star
Life Finds a Way
Next quest
Empty Promise

Yalfort is the bearer of tidings of some description.

— In-game description



  • Wait for Urianger at the Wandering Stairs.
  • Speak with Yalfort in Mord Souq.


  • Yalfort is the bearer of tidings of some description.
  • Yalfort has received a message from Urianger, who has been continuing his research in the Crystarium. He requests your presence to discuss a matter of apparent significance, though you will have to wait until you meet in person to find out exactly what that might be.
  • As instructed, you meet Urianger at the Wandering Stairs, and are joined by Thancred, Ryne, and Gaia. Urianger reveals that the time has come for him and Thancred to return to the Source or else risk losing their physical forms permanently. While this does not come entirely as a surprise, Ryne is clearly upset by the thought of being separated, perhaps indefinitely, from the two men she considers her mentors. Thancred in particular has been a father figure to her ever since he freed her from Eulmore, and his absence will be sorely felt. Though as he reminds her, she is not alone, as you and Gaia will continue to offer her your support. Urianger offers Gaia some parting words, warning her not to surrender control to the voice inside her head. Thancred and Urianger then leave to make preparations for the journey back to the Source, leaving the rest of you to contemplate on what the future might hold for the Empty.
  • You return to Mord Souq and share news of Urianger and Thancred's departure with Yalfort, who will continue to oversee the Empty in their stead. He, too, expresses his disappointment, and reaffirms his commitment to seeing that the restoration of the lands once lost to the Flood proceeds according to their wishes.



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