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Male ♂
Lalafell (Dunesfolk)
Eastern Thanalan (22.3,21.3)

— In-game description

Chachamun is a Lalafell found in Eastern Thanalan.

Items for Sale


Item Type Cost
Iron sand icon1.png   Iron Sand Material Gil 18
Muddy water icon1.png   Muddy Water Material Gil 14
Ragstone icon1.png   Ragstone Material Gil 2
Soiled femur icon1.png   Soiled Femur Material Gil 9

After Act III Win

The following items are sold after completion of FATE: Kill BossAttack on Highbridge: Act III.

Item Type Cost
Ash cavalry bow icon1.png   Ash Cavalry Bow Archer's Arm Gil 5,368
Boarskin himantes icon1.png   Boarskin Himantes Pugilist's Arm Gil 4,752
Book of silver icon1.png   Book of Silver Arcanist's Grimoire Gil 5,515
Budding yew wand icon1.png   Budding Yew Wand One-handed Conjurer's Arm Gil 3,539
Bull hoplon icon1.png   Bull Hoplon Shield Gil 5,310
Crabshell hora icon1.png   Crabshell Hora Pugilist's Arm Gil 4,399
Decorated buckler icon1.png   Decorated Buckler Shield Gil 4,527
Decorated silver scepter icon1.png   Decorated Silver Scepter One-handed Thaumaturge's Arm Gil 3,684
Earth brand icon1.png   Earth Brand One-handed Thaumaturge's Arm Gil 3,044
Goathorn staff icon1.png   Goathorn Staff Two-handed Thaumaturge's Arm Gil 4,602
Heavy steel lance icon1.png   Heavy Steel Lance Lancer's Arm Gil 5,927
Oak longbow icon1.png   Oak Longbow Archer's Arm Gil 5,616
Oak radical icon1.png   Oak Radical Two-handed Conjurer's Arm Gil 5,616
Plumed yew crook icon1.png   Plumed Yew Crook Two-handed Conjurer's Arm Gil 4,622
Silver star globe icon1.png   Silver Star Globe Astrologian's Arm Gil 5,227
Steel bardiche icon1.png   Steel Bardiche Marauder's Arm Gil 5,097
Steel baselards icon1.png   Steel Baselards Rogue's Arm Gil 3,457
Steel bhuj icon1.png   Steel Bhuj Marauder's Arm Gil 5,927
Steel spear icon1.png   Steel Spear Lancer's Arm Gil 5,097
Steel zweihander icon1.png   Steel Zweihander Dark Knight's Arm Gil 5,813
Steel-barreled musketoon icon1.png   Steel-barreled Musketoon Machinist's Arm Gil 5,350
Toothed goathorn staff icon1.png   Toothed Goathorn Staff Two-handed Thaumaturge's Arm Gil 5,350
Walnut macuahuitl icon1.png   Walnut Macuahuitl Gladiator's Arm Gil 3,622
Ether icon1.png   Ether Medicine Gil 60
Fleeting rays orchestrion roll icon1.png   Fleeting Rays Orchestrion Roll Orchestrion Roll Gil 5,000
Grade 1 dark matter icon1.png   Grade 1 Dark Matter Other Gil 4
Grade 2 dark matter icon1.png   Grade 2 Dark Matter Other Gil 12
Grade 3 dark matter icon1.png   Grade 3 Dark Matter Other Gil 24
Grade 4 dark matter icon1.png   Grade 4 Dark Matter Other Gil 48
Grade 5 dark matter icon1.png   Grade 5 Dark Matter Other Gil 80
Grade 6 dark matter icon1.png   Grade 6 Dark Matter Other Gil 120
Grade 7 dark matter icon1.png   Grade 7 Dark Matter Other Gil 200
Hi-ether icon1.png   Hi-Ether Medicine Gil 432
Hi-potion icon1.png   Hi-Potion Medicine Gil 146
Potion icon1.png   Potion Medicine Gil 28
Tiny rat icon2.png   Tiny Rat Minion Gil 2,400