Bluebell Salmon

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Bluebell Salmon

Hatched far up inland rivers, bluebell salmon will travel all the way downstream to the Indigo Deep where they will spend the majority of their adulthood. Then, however, when it comes time to spawn, they will return back upstream to the place of their birth.

— In-game description


Fishing Log: Fool Falls

Fishing Log: Murmur Rills

Fishing Log: Springripple Brook

Retainer Ventures

Used For

Crafting Ingredient

Item Rarity Class Level Ingredients
Salmon meuniere icon1.png  Salmon Meuniere (x3) ABasic Culinarian frame icon.png CUL 23
Oriental breakfast icon1.png  Oriental Breakfast
(Learned from: Master Culinarian III)
ABasic Culinarian frame icon.png CUL 56


Class: Culinarian

Potential Results: