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Blood of Emerald

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Blood of Emerald

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Quest giver
Resistance Officer
The Lochs (X:11.3, Y:22.5)
Quest line
The Sorrow of Werlyt Quests
Experience 0
Gil 1,655
Previous quest
Feature QuestSleep Now in Sapphire
Next quest
Feature QuestIn Memory

Cid's investigation in Terncliff has led to startling revelations.

— In-game description




  • Speak with the Resistance escort.
  • Speak with Gaius.
  • Speak with Gaius again.


  • Cid's investigation in Terncliff has led to startling revelations.
  • Returning to the camp at Porta Praetoria, the Resistance officer informs you that your presence is required in Terncliff. As always, your escort stands ready to accompany you on the journey.
  • Terncliff is much the same as you remember from your previous visit, and while the imperial troops may be long gone, their enormous steel structures still mar the otherwise pleasant surroundings. Gaius and his associates have been made to wait for your arrival, as Cid would prefer to reveal his findings only when all of the relevant persons are present.
  • The investigation into the imperial facility in Terncliff has led to the discovery of the name of the VIIth Legion's third Weapon: Emerald. However, none of the locals have sighted anything resembling a large warmachina being moved from the town either by land or air. Though you cannot be certain, it seems likely that the Weapon was transported by sea, possibly to Castrum Marinum or Castrum Occidens in order to complete its construction. You and Gaius elect to investigate the former while Severa and Valdeaulin head for the latter. A member of the Ironworks has been ordered to prepare a submersible in Vesper Bay that you may make your approach.
  • It appears that Gaius possesses a means of breaching the security system of Castrum Marinum and entering via the dry dock. Once you arrive, however, there is a fairly high chance that you will be greeted by the enigmatic Emerald Weapon, so you had best be prepared for the worst.
  • The confrontation with the Emerald Weapon called on every last onze of mettle you could muster, and once the dust had settled, it was you that emerged the victor. Overlooking the wreckage is Gaius, who mourns the loss of its pilot Rex, one of the orphans he raised.
  • Following the battle, you are joined by Valdeaulin and Severa, whose mission to Castrum Occidens yielded little of value. After arriving in Castrum Marinum, they found Allie, another of Gaius's orphans, locked in a cell and decided to free her. She is filled with horror by the spectacle of the destroyed Emerald Weapon and descends into a state of shock. It seems the best recourse is to take her to Terncliff and allow her time to recover from the ordeal.
  • According to Severa, Allie's body is covered in welts and bruises that were most likely inflicted by the imperials under whom she served. Severa knows from personal experience the cruel treatment of those who are not pure-blooded Garleans, and she relates her tale of how she came to defect from the imperial army. Meanwhile, Allie continues to recuperate, and she may now be well enough to speak of what has befallen her and the other orphans, though it would be prudent to first discuss her current condition with Valdeaulin.
  • Allie has made great strides in recovering both physically and mentally, and is able to provide useful information on the present state of affairs and on Valens van Varro, legatus of the VIIth Legion. As she explains it, Valens is both jealous and cruel, and is willing to use any means at his disposal to achieve his goals, no matter how vile they may be. She also tells of Alfonse's dream of using the power granted to him by the Weapon project to break free from the Empire and establish a safe haven for those who wish to live in peace. Unfortunately, she is unable to say where he is, meaning that you will need to enlist the aid of the Alliance's scouts in locating him. With no immediate danger on the horizon, now seems an opportune time to return to the Resistance troops in Gyr Abania and report the latest series of events.
  • Your report is gratefully received by the Resistance officer in charge at Porta Praetoria. He will prepare a written copy of the information that has been gathered, should you wish to review it before being called into action once more.