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In Memory

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In Memory

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Quest giver
Resistance Officer
The Lochs (X:11.3, Y:22.5)
Quest line
The Sorrow of Werlyt Quests

Experience 0
Gil 855
Previous quest
Blood of Emerald
Next quest
Duty in the Sky with Diamond

The Resistance troops wish to help their newfound allies in Terncliff.

— In-game description


  • Speak with the Resistance escort.
  • Search for the despondent civilian.
  • Speak with the burly engineer.
  • Speak with the Resistance officer at Porta Praetoria.


  • The Resistance troops wish to help their newfound allies in Terncliff.
  • Following the liberation of Terncliff, the Resistance has been sending supplies and providing support to the citizens to help the town become self-sufficient in the wake of the Empire's departure. Yet with more problems than there are people to solve them, they turn to you for aid, that you may lighten their load, if only by a little.
  • Shortly after arriving in Terncliff, it soon becomes apparent that both the Resistance soldiers and Ironworks members are doing all they can to assist the populace. You decide to speak to the locals in the hope that they might in some way benefit from your presence.
  • A rather forlorn young woman named Avilina tells you of her days as a conscript, forced to serve the Empire as a magitek engineer during the occupation of Terncliff. Many people her age were enlisted in the army and sent to war, never to return, and she wishes to commemorate them with a monument bearing their names. She believes that a comprehensive list of conscripted soldiers can be found in the imperial hangar below the town, but she needs you to persuade the Ironworks members to permit her entry.
  • Your renown among the Ironworks engineers opens many doors, the one to the hangar included. Avilina is able to find the list she needed to complete her monument, but her eye was drawn to one name in particular: Milisandia, who you know as the pilot of the Ruby Weapon. You then learn that Avilina and Milisandia were close friends and once served together in the XIVth Legion until fate conspired to separate them. Guided by your words of encouragement, Avilina resolves to use the skills she gained working as a magitek engineer to help the Ironworks in preparation for the struggle with the Empire. And though she will no doubt find herself very busy in the days to come, she remains determined to build a monument to Terncliff's fallen.
  • You make your way back to the camp in Gyr Abania, where the commanding officer offers his gratitude for your efforts. Though it may be some time before Terncliff can regain the peace and tranquility it enjoyed in its heyday, you take solace in the bonds the townsfolk have formed with your allies in the Resistance.