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Avalonia Fallen

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Avalonia Fallen

A multitude of structures scattered across the western forelands give weight to scholars' claim that Avalonia was once home to both dragon and man, despite the Ishgardian church's vehement assertion that most were erected by blasphemers and traitors. In the present day, the territory is solely occupied by the dragons.

— In-game description

Avalonia Fallen is an area in The Dravanian Forelands.


Settlement icon.png
Anyx Trine

Three towers unique in that they appear to have been built to house both man and dragon, an architectural oddity which would seem to corroborate the Holy See's position that they were erected by heretic witches for themselves and their dragon consorts.

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Anyx Minor

The shattered ruins of a once-proud city. The official stance of the Holy See is that it was a settlement of heretics, razed to the ground by Halone in an act of divine retribution, though scholars disagree on the historical accuracy of this interpretation.