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Sohm Al Foothills

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Sohm Al Foothills

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Sohm Al Foothills

Of all the mighty peaks that comprise Abalathia's Spine, none rise higher than Sohm Al, the highest point in all Eorzea. These jagged foothills form the base of the mountain, leading down into the forelands from the north.

— In-game description

Sohm Al Foothills is an area in The Dravanian Forelands.


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Ehs Daih

Ehs Daih means "hole inside" in the dragon tongue, likely referring to the countless natural caves at the foot of Sohm Al. After a successful hunt, dragons retreat to the cool shade of the caverns to feast upon their kills.

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The Iron Feast

The Iron Feast was once a place of respite for those who would climb Sohm Al on spiritual pilgrimages. After the betrayal of man, however, it was yet another place ravaged by dragons in their rage. Its name in the present alludes to the abundance of beasts flocking to drink deep of the pure waters which flow for the from the structure- which the dragons then hunt with abandon.