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When sensing that they are near the end of their lives, old and wounded dragons muster the remainder of their strength to journey to this final resting place, the vast crystallized caves within Sohm Al.

— In-game description

Mourn is a area in The Dravanian Forelands.


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This ancient altar sits in the fiery depths of Mourn. Once adorned by statues depicting a woman and a dragon, only the latter has survived to the present age. When one lifts their eyes above the structure, the base of the floating peak of Sohm Al can be seen.

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Anyx Old

When spoken as Anhess Sohr in the dragon tongue, this stone statue alludes to a "blind apology." It was apparently carved as a memorial and lamentation of how fleeting the lives of men are when compared to that of the dragons with whom they formed unbreakable bonds.

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Sohm Al

The tallest peak in Eorzea is held as a sacred land by the dragons, who are said to journey here when they feel their life slipping away. Formed not of stone but solid crystal, the massive mountain floating above the ground below is a marvelous sight to behold.