Aetherial Mythril Ring

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Aetherial Mythril Ring
Aetherial mythril ring icon1.png
Class: All Classes
Item Level: 37 Req. Level: 37
Defence: 1 Magic Defence: 1
Sells For: 45 gil Materia Slots: 0
Strength +4
Dexterity +4

The Aetherial Mythril Ring is item level 37 Ring and can be used by All Classes that is at least level 37. Aetherial Mythril Ring is an Aetherial Item that has random stats in addition to its base stats.

Repair Information

An NPC mender will repair for a maximum of ?? gil. For a player to repair, they require:

Convertible: Yes, Projectable: Yes, Desynthesizable: Yes

Ways to Obtain

Dungeon/Trial Loot

Used For

  • None
  • None


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