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A Many-splendored Thing

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A Many-splendored Thing

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Quest giver
Old Gridania (X:10.2, Y:9.4)
Quest line
Valentione's Day (2019)

Required quest
It's Probably Pirates
Required items
1  Valentione's Day Chocolate
Experience 3,360
Gil 1,174
Next quest
From Now until Affinity

Astrid is embracing her role as an emissary for House Valentione.
※This quest is available for a limited time only.

— In-game description


Optional rewards



  • Astrid shares with you her plan to expand the scope of the Valentione's Ceremony to include love of all persuasions─romantic, familial, and platonic alike. She hands you some handwritten invitations of dubious quality, and asks that you distribute them across Gridania to those in obvious need of the festival's affectionate embrace.
    ※Please note that you will be unable to complete this quest after the seasonal event has ended. For details, please check the Lodestone.
  • Even as Astrid gushes about the growing number of ceremony participants, you bear witness to an ugly argument between two friends who have recently completed the affinity test. Unable to bear the thought of love's flame sputtering out on this most holy of House Valentione occasions, Astrid begs you chase Lisie towards the Whistling Miller. Meanwhile, she will attempt to persuade Taggy to salvage her friendship before she departs for far-off Ul'dah.
  • You speak with the distraught Lisie, and she takes great comfort in sharing her feelings with you. Mortified by her outburst, Lisie returns to the amphitheatre to apologize to Astrid.
  • The two friends have been reunited for the moment, but not entirely convinced by Astrid's suggested course of action. They ask that you participate in the ceremony yourself so that they can observe your performance and gain a better idea of where they went wrong.

    When you are ready, the House Valentione servant will escort you to the venue. At the ceremony's conclusion, you will receive a Valentione's Day chocolate, which Astrid bids you bring to her.

  • Astrid praises your performance in the ceremony, and assures Lisie and Taggy that they are more than capable of the same degree of patience and consideration. After a brief and open discussion, the two friends realize they were approaching their coming separation with different mindsets, which thus affected their affinity results. Astrid is thrilled to see their friendship forged anew, and showers upon you, her champion of love, all the blessings of House Valentione.


Accepting the Quest

Astrid: Do you not feel it in the air, adventurer? 'Tis Valentione's Day, and love, uh...runs rampant through the streets!

Astrid: We of House Valentione have returned to spread our message of Ardor and Affection, and honor the pure pursuits of our ancestor, Countess Arabelle.

Astrid: The true heart of the festivities, of course, is the Valentione's Ceremony!

Astrid: I shudder to think what might have befallen this wondrous tradition had [you/your fellow adventurers] not offered me a helping hand the last time. Thanks to [you/them], however, the people of Gridania were enraptured by the results!

Astrid: Yet one must always strive to dream bigger, wouldn't you agree?

Astrid: I aspire to bring joy to more folk than ever before, and for that I shall need the aid of a stalwart assistant. A champion of love, if you will!

Astrid: Pray say you'll help me─I've learned only too well how foolish it is to flail about by oneself...

Astrid: Oh, praise your generous soul! I am sure that with your discerning adventurer's eye, you will soon spy those most in need of a friendly shove towards love!

Astrid: To that end, I would have you hand deliver these ceremony invitations to those who seem especially bereft of the ties of affection.

System: Astrid hands you a sheaf of invitations penned in a shaky hand and illustrated with crude pictures of what might generously be termed “moogles.”

Ceremony Invitation: Be it familial or romantic, betwixt lifelong friends or serendipitous strangers, all love is to be celebrated! Join us in Mih Khetto's Amphitheatre and partake in the festivities!

Astrid: As you can see, I'm hoping to draw in a more varied crowd this year.

Astrid: The Valentione's Ceremony shouldn't be only for those who have exchanged the vows of matrimony...

Astrid: should be for everyone! Yes! (Light and airy, Astrid, light and airy.)

Astrid: Go forth, my champion of love! Scour the corners of Gridania for those who seem bereft of affection and attention!

Astrid: Sweep through the streets of Gridania, and deliver those invitations to the emotionally downtrodden!

Astrid: <sigh> ...I know not how much longer I can keep up this cheery facade. But I must not disappoint Sister! (Smile and wave, Astrid, smile and wave.)

The Gloomy Gridanian

Gloomy Gridanian: What can I do for you, [mister/miss]? It's been a dreary morning, to be honest, and I'd welcome a spot of excitement.

Gloomy Gridanian: ...Oh, the Valentione's Day celebrations. I've no one to take, so it's not really for someone like m─

Gloomy Gridanian: Hm? What's this about serendipitous strangers? P-Perhaps I'll just drop by for a moment or two, then...

The Grizzled Gridanian

Grizzled Gridanian: Now, what could a [strapping/lovely] young [lad/lass] like you want with an old grumbler like me?

Grizzled Gridanian: Well, that's a charming little invitation, isn't it? Seems they've made Valentione's Day more of a family affair.

Grizzled Gridanian: ...I wonder if my grandchild might enjoy the celebrations. It's my first time being a grandparent, you see, and I never know what to do with the wee scamp. Could be worth a look!

Meeting Taggy

Taggy: Yes? Can we help you with something?

Taggy: Ah, the Valentione's Day celebrations. Isn't that an event for couples, though?

Lisie: But, look! The invitation says anyone is welcome this year. We could go together! You know, before you leave me behind and move to Ul'dah...

Taggy: Lisie, please, do we have to discuss this in front of strangers?

Taggy: I'm sorry, I'm leaving to begin an apprenticeship in weaving, and someone is having trouble being happy for me...

Taggy: Still, I've always wanted to try my hand at that beautiful ceremony, and it would make for a nice send-off. Shall we go?

Returning to Astrid

Astrid: There [he/she] is! Our champion of love! Your honest words and gentle demeanor have encouraged all manner of townspeople to attend our event.

Astrid: There was one lonely gentleman who seemed terribly unsure until I introduced him to another forlorn participant. 'Twas a Valentione miracle how swiftly their shyness melted away!

Astrid: I also spied an old man and his granddaughter, who barely spoke two words to each other when they arrived. But by the end of the ceremony, they were giggling together like a couple of mischievous moogles!

Astrid: And even as we speak, a pair of lovely lasses are enjoying our affinity trials. They should be back any moment now!

???: Ugh, that was horrible! How could we be so out of tune with each other!? I wish we'd never come!

Lisie: Well, what did you expect, Taggy? You just kept forging ahead without even looking to see where I was...

Taggy: Well, you were plodding along like an overfed adamantoise! We were never going to reach the goal at that pace!

Lisie: And simply rushing through was the better strategy? If you had slowed down a touch, we might have had a better chance of winning the trial! Ugh, never mind...

Astrid: That isn't how it was supposed to go! And they were so excited to try the ceremony together... What could have happened to put them at such odds in there?

Astrid: They said something about “marking the occasion.” Do you have any idea as to what this occasion might be?

Astrid: I see. They wanted to do something special before Taggy left for Ul'dah...

Astrid: 'Tis unthinkable that these close friends would fail the ceremony so completely. 'Tis all a simple misunderstanding, I'm sure of it.

Astrid: Nay, I cannot bear to think of them parting ways like this...

Astrid: And what is more, I have a duty as an emissary of House Valentione. Adventurer, you and I will see the rift between these ladies mended! Understood!?

Player: Understood! / It’s not our place to intervene. / What happened to “light and airy”?


Astrid: Oh, thank you! I knew your kind heart would not let you ignore such a travesty!

"What happened to “light and airy”?"

Astrid: There is no time for flowery phrasing! We have to avert this Valentione's Day disaster before it is too late!

Astrid: Oh, thank you! I knew your kind heart would not let you ignore such a travesty!

Astrid: I will speak to Taggy, whilst you catch up to Lisie. The last I saw, she was running off towards the Whistling Miller!

Astrid: Lisie was running in the direction of the Whistling Miller. If you hurry, you should be able to catch her before it is too late!

Finding Lisie

Lisie: Oh, I know you─you're that adventurer who was handing out ceremony invitations.

Player: I came at Astrid’s behest. / This time I come not to invite, but to plead on love’s behalf…

"I came at Astrid’s behest."

Lisie: Ah... You overheard our argument, didn't you? How awfully embarrassing.

"This time I come not to invite, but to plead on love’s behalf…"

Lisie: Ah... You overheard our argument, didn't you? How awfully embarrassing.

Lisie: Taggy and I have been friends since we were children, and this is the first time we are to live so far apart. I just...I wanted these last moments to be special.

Lisie: But in my efforts to create the perfect memory, I may have been too cautious. And that is when the problems began...

Lisie: <sigh> I feel a burden has lifted from my shoulders. Thank you for listening, adventurer.

Lisie: I feel I should apologize to that tiny Valentione girl for our wretched behavior. I assume she is still in the amphitheatre?

Back at the Amphitheatre

Taggy: That Valentione girl is a passionate little thing, isn't she? I was subjected to a tearful request to make peace with Lisie...

Lisie: Thank you again for listening. I've yet to make my apologies to young Astrid here...

Astrid: My thanks, adventurer. You have brought back Lisie, and given these two friends the chance to undo the hurt which was done!

Astrid: Attempt the ceremony once more, and let angry words be forgotten!

Lisie: I only returned to offer an apology for souring the day with our quarrel. Testing our affinity again will likely give us the same result, or worse...

Taggy: And I only came back because your plaintive tears would be satisfied with nothing less. I did not agree to another run through that trial.

Taggy: But, perhaps... Perhaps if we could see how others completed the ceremony, we might stand a better chance.

Astrid: Then I should be happy to serve as an example! Allow me to fetch my sibling, Lisette, and we shall display the pinnacle of sisterly affection!

Taggy: Uh, whilst we appreciate the offer, I wonder if a performance by the very people who run the ceremony might be a little too perfect for us to emulate...

Astrid: Oh... I hadn't thought of that...

Lisie: What if we have the adventurer here show us how it's done? You already know our situation, so would you mind helping us out a little more?

Lisie: I doubt it matters who you take─I imagine someone of your kind nature could produce a good result with almost anyone.

Astrid: What a fabulous idea! I'm certain if you see how effortlessly [he/she] navigates the twists and turns of affinity, then you'll soon find yourself yearning to take another turn!

Astrid: Your quest awaits, my champion of love! Find a partner with whom you wish to attempt the test, and return with a Valentione's Day chocolate as proof of your deed!

Taggy: Thank you for doing this for us. We only want to see how other participants handle the course, so please enjoy the ceremony in whatever way you normally would.

System: Seasonal Event Instance Unlocked

System: You now have access to the Valentione's Ceremony seasonal instance! To enter the venue, speak with the House Valentione servant at Mih Khetto's Amphitheatre.

System: The Valentione's Ceremony is an instance designed for a party of two. There are no class, job, or level requirements for participation.

System: In the event that you register for the ceremony alone, your partner will be found via the matching system.

Astrid: We shall all be watching you with heart-shaped eyes, and waiting for you to return with your victorious piece of Valentione's Day chocolate!

Taggy: Show us how it's done, adventurer. Have you chosen a partner yet?

Lisie: The affinity test can be so intimidating. I wonder how they will rate you...

Finishing the Quest

Astrid: Welcome back! We were all holding our breath in anticipation of your success! You've brought the chocolate, yes...?

Astrid: Thank you, adventurer─such an inspiring performance!

Astrid: As I am sure you saw, successful completion of the Valentione's Ceremony hinges upon showing your partner a certain degree of patience and consideration.

Astrid: But I refuse to believe such fine friends as you are incapable of such a feat. Nay, 'twas simply that you approached the challenge with two slightly different mindsets.

Astrid: Thus, I implore you...beseech you...beg give your love one more chance...

Lisie: I think you've the right of it, Astrid, thank you.

Lisie: It was my fault, Taggy. I was more concerned with the result than simply enjoying the event itself. I wanted so badly to make our last memory together a good one...

Taggy: Our last memory...? Ah, that's why you were being so anxious about our every move.

Taggy: It was my fault, too, then─I didn't realize how much this meant to you.

Taggy: But I never thought this would be our final farewell. After all, I can always hop on an airship and come back to visit.

Lisie: Oh...I suppose that's true. What a silly goose I've been.

Lisie: Will you take another turn with me, then? Just for fun this time?

Taggy: Of course I will.

Lisie: Our thanks, Astrid. If you'd not been so unwilling to give up on our friendship, we may have parted ways for good.

Lisie: Our thanks to you as well, adventurer.

Astrid: Whilst we're speaking of gratitude, I cannot express how much House Valentione owes you for making our event such a grand success!

Astrid: Thank you, advent─

Astrid: Ahem. Your deeds have warmed our hearts, my champion of love! May ardor and affection follow you this day, and all the days to follow!

After the Quest

Astrid: You have discharged your duties, my champion of love! Go now, and enjoy the celebrations with a heart full of frolicsome fun.

Astrid: Lisette eagerly awaits those who would know their fortunes! Or if you would undertake the ceremony once more, a House Valentione servant stands ready to conduct you to the venue!

Taggy: Did Lisie tell you!? Our next attempt at the ceremony was smooth as Ul'dahn silk! In fact, it was such a lark, I think we might go through again!

Lisie: Taggy has embraced the spirit of the celebrations with more enthusiasm than I expected...but it does bring me joy to see her so joyous.

Hortefense: Thanks to your timely aid, our celebrations have reached new heights of song-worthy passion!

Hortefense: And yet I cannot help but worry that those less pure of heart turn these giddy festivities to their own unsavory purposes...

Lisette de Valentione: Valentione's Day is upon us once more, and I, Lisette de Valentione, have come to fill hearts the realm over with the warmth of love, passionate and pure!

Lisette de Valentione: How stands the reservoir of rapture within your bosom, adventurer? Whomever your favored partner might be, our fortune-tellers can help sound the depths of your unplumbed affinity!

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