Wind-up Aldgoat

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Wind-up Aldgoat
Wind-up aldgoat1.jpg
Lord of Verminion Information
Type Critter
Auto Attack Single Target
HP 340
ATK 30
DEF 50
Cost 10
Strengths Gate Eye Shield
Special Action Mouton - Removes all detrimental effects from all allies within range.
Action Type Disarming
Points 20
Wind-up Aldgoat is a minion crafted by Weaver. It is part of the Level 46-50 Recipe with Difficulty of 93 and Durability of 80. Material needed are: 99 Lightning Shard, 1 Vanya Silk, 1 Twinthread, 1 Chocobo Feather.


No aldgoats were harmed in the making of this automaton.

While in Ishgardian folklore the aldgoat is used to represent greed and gluttony, the Dunesfolk believe the insatiable creatures are a symbol of wealth and prosperity, and will present aldgoat fetishes to families with newborn children.


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