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Things Are Getting Sirius

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Things Are Getting Sirius

Things Are Getting Sirius.png
Quest giver
Limsa Lominsa Upper Decks (X:12.7, Y:12.8)
Required items
1 Blunt whittle icon1.png  Blunt Whittle
Heavensward (Quest)
Gil 5,000
Previous quest
Why So Sirius

Trachraet has some worrying news concerning Pharos Sirius.

— In-game description




Despite the (Hard) in the name, the dungeon is not actually more difficult than any other story-mode dungeon. It is easily completed blind with the Duty Finder.



  • Trachraet has some worrying news concerning Pharos Sirius.
  • Trachraet informs you that a kobold invasion has forced a group of smiths from Naldiq and Vymelli's to abandon their work on Pharos Sirius, to the great annoyance of Master Mimidoa. While it remains unclear how or why the beastmen ventured to the Isles of Umbra, it is abundantly clear they are up to no good. Seek out the storm flyer at the airship landing for further instructions.
  • At your request, the storm flyer relays Mimidoa's account of the attack. Apparently, the old smith is convinced the kobolds intend to blow up the lighthouse, having seen them scatter volatile bombs in the tunnels beneath the tower's foundation. With the livelihood of western La Noscea's inhabitants hanging in the balance, Maelstrom Command asks that you enter the tower by airship and defuse the kobolds' explosive plot before Aleport's shores are choked with debris.
    • ※Pharos Sirius (Hard) can be accessed via the Duty Finder.
  • You have cleared Pharos Sirius of the incendiary surprises left by the kobolds. Report to the storm flyer in western La Noscea, and confirm that all went as planned.
  • You return to find Maelstrom troops hurrying to clear the debris left by the kobolds, and rid the area of any remaining beastman invaders. While you discuss their progress with the storm flyer in charge, a private approaches you bearing a curious nautical knife carved with the sigil of Diamanda of Naldiq and Vymelli's, which was apparently discovered during a preliminary search of the area. With much still to be done, the storm flyer asks you to go to Aleport in her stead and hand the knife over to Trachraet, who will shortly be meeting with the smiths to relay the news of the lighthouse's reclamation.
  • The blunt whittle turns out to be a personal effect of Diamanda's late brother Symond. The sight of it stokes the flames of resolve in the heart of the young smith, who vows to turn the forsaken lighthouse into a place to honor the lost. Your duty done, you take your leave, certain that Pharos Sirius will soon be restored to its former glory.