The Science of Deduction

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The Science of Deduction

The Science of Deduction.png
Quest giver
Eastern Thanalan (X:10.9, Y:16.4)
Quest line
Hildibrand Adventures
Required items
1 Althyk lavender icon1.png  Althyk Lavender
3 Precious potsherd icon1.png  Precious Potsherd
Experience 0
Gil 939
Previous quest
The Immaculate Deception
Next quest
The Hammer

Ellie wishes to share her latest discoveries with you.

— In-game description





  • Ellie wishes to share her latest discoveries with you.
  • Inspector's Log:
These tales of a thieving duelist continue to confound me! But perhaps it is to be expected─I am but recently returned to civilized, un-undead society, after all. The case of Yellow Moon's missing Pure Heart was a welcome refresher, to be sure, but my second case was a grim reminder that dubious acts are sometimes necessary to achieve a greater good. Still, I hold out hope that we may yet find Eleazar's sword in the possession of my nefarious nemesis. But how am I to catch him if I know naught of the “collector's blade” he seeks?
            * * *
Using her skills as a reporter, Ellie has managed to identify the sword the duelist seeks: the Treaty-Blade, a weapon which was recently purchased by an Ul'dahn collector. Ellie is eager to investigate the collector, but she is also concerned that her friendly overtures may be rebuffed. A small gift might serve to pave the way─perhaps a rare flower purchased from Tutusi in Camp Drybone.
  • While in Camp Drybone, you and Ellie observe an Elezen inspector extracting a confession from a merchant who murdered his former partner. Ellie is impressed by the man's skills as an investigator─though her mood darkens upon hearing the name of a certain other inspector. Avoid further mention of the gentleman in question and journey to Vesper Bay, where the Ul'dahn collector, Lady Durilda, resides.
  • Lady Durilda is less than enthused with your flowers, and even further annoyed when Inspector Hildibrand and his assistant make a most inopportune appearance. It is then the agent of enquiry's turn to grow flustered when the gentleman from Camp Drybone arrives and is revealed to have been hired by Lady Durilda. Declaring that Consulting Inspector Briardien and her guardsmen can ensure the security of the Treaty-Blade, the collector demands that you all leave. However, there may be another way to earn the approval of Lady Durilda. Maria, her daughter, lost a priceless antique vase in the wilds of Thanalan, and its successful recovery may serve as sufficient proof of the inspector's investigative skills. Begin your search near Nophica's Wells.
  • Your investigation leads you to a large, flamboyantly dressed man. At his feet lies something man-made. Perhaps it warrants a closer look.
  • Alas, the vase is no more, having been crushed beneath the heel of the flamboyant oaf. However, Inspector Hildibrand appears to have a plan. First, you must gather the muddy potsherds.
  • In a refreshing change of pace, the potsherds you pulled from the water were in fact the ones you sought. Present them to Inspector Hildibrand.
  • The inspector declares that you have gathered more than enough pieces of the vase. Yet even with all the pieces, he could not possibly mean to reconstruct the vase...or could he?