The Immaculate Deception

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Sidequest.pngHildibrand Quest

Quest Giver Ellie - Ul'dah - Steps of Nald (x8, y11)
Requirements Level 50
Items Needed
Reward Gil 939
Filtered water icon1.png
Previous Quest Next Quest
After Her Own Heart The Science of Deduction




  • Search the spring for anything of interest.


  • Having no other recourse, Ellie would instead tell you the identity of the victim.
  • Judging you to be a friend of Inspector Hildibrand, Ellie elects to share the identity of the wweapon thief's victim with you. She mentions in passing that the man is also guilty of a crime, though she does not say what-- only that she is curious how the inspector will act when he learns of this fact. For now, seek out the adventurer named Humphrey at the Golden Bazaar, and pray that inspector Hildibrand somehow finds his way to you.
  • As usual, Inspector Hildibrand and Nashu arrive at the precise moment you locate Humphrey. To everyone's surprise, the self-proclaimed Warrior of Light claims to have defeated the duelist. His story is quickly disproven by an elderly man named Eleazar, who accuses Humphrey of surrendering an ancient sword he had been asked to deliver to a blacksmith for restoration. His bravado dispelled, Humphrey confesses to the crime and begs the assistance of Inspector Hildibrand. Although Ellie implores him to ignore the boy's pleas, the inspector agrees to help for Eleazar's sake. Assist Inspector Hildibrand by speaking with the residents of the Golden Bazaar.
  • During the course of your investigation, you learn that Eleazar's sword was an authentic relic, and that many collectors have been fooled by well-crafted imitations. Such a rare weapon would be coveted by many, and it may have been sold for profit. Speak with Jojonpa the traveling merchant to see if he has seen or heard of the blade in question.
  • Although Jojonpa has no knowledge of an ancient sword, he may have recent disposed of an imitation similar in design to Eleazar's treasured blade. Thought it pains him to do so, Inspector Hildibrand proposes furnishing Eleazar with this counterfeit weapon for the time being, so that the elderly man might rest easy while the inspector continues to search for the genuine article. Travel to the spring east of Camp Drybone and ask Hildibrand how you might assist with the search for Jojonpa's discarded sword.
  • Inspector Hildibrand is hesitant to enter the spring due to his accumulated injuries, which he fears may become infected unless first treated with salamander oil. Fortunately, he has an ample supply of the oil; unfortunately, he cannot apply it himself. Pour the salamander oil on Inspector Hildibrand, and remember that generosity is a virtue.
  • You may as well finish what you started. Knead the oil into Inspector HIldibrand's weary flesh. This too is a virtue, though one less well defined.
  • You forget your own strength, and bring the inspector to his knees in agony. Resume your duties with greater care.
  • Inspector Hildibrand is responding to your ministrations in unexpected ways. Dwell not on his words and press onward, harder and faster.
  • Keep going. You know what to do.
  • A sublime golden glow now radiates from the body of Inspector Hildibrand, who fearlessly strides into the spring to search for the sword. Contribute to the effort by collecting anything of marginal interest.
  • You have gathered three random items which are clearly not the sword you seek. Nevertheless, they should serve as proof of your efforts to Inspector Hildibrand.
  • The imitation sword is finally discovered by Nashu, who trips over the blade during her search. Inspector Hildibrand begins to congratulate himself on a job well done, only to interrupt himself with a mighty sneeze. Observing that the inspector is in dire need of new clothes, Nashu departs for Ul'dah to purchase garments for Inspector Hildibrand, as well as a supply of hair tonic for Eleazr. With sword in hand, the inspector returns to the Golden Bazaar, bidding you to follow.
  • Inspector Hildibrand's deception proves flawless, as Eleazar declares the sword to be exactly as he remembers. Mere moments after the inspector presents the imitation blade to the elderly man, Nashu arrives bearing clothes for Inspector Hildibrand and a supply of hair tonic for Eleazar. The matters at hand seemingly resolved, you begin to relax-- only to whirl about in time to dodge a flying card, which embeds itself in the inspector's forehead. Upon the card is writ a challenge from the duelist: "I shall come to claim the collector's blade." Inspector Hildibrand accepts, of course, with requisite grace and style, evoking a variety of reactions from all present. The self-proclaimed agent of enquiry will doubtless do his utmost to catch the duelist, but whether or not he will succeed is another question entirely...

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