The Perfect Swarm

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Main Scenario Quest icon.png

The Perfect Swarm

Quest giver
Drunken Stag
Western Thanalan (X:26.2, Y:18.2)
Quest line
Seventh Umbral Era
Experience 4,000
Gil 188
Previous quest
Give It to Me Raw
Next quest
Last Letter to Lost Hope
The Scent of a Mongrel

Drunken Stag wishes to repay your kindness with some useful information.

— In-game description


Optional rewards





  • Drunken Stag wishes to repay your kindness with some useful information.
  • You valiantly exterminate legions of the tiny vermin. Report to Fufulupa and claim your reward.
  • Fufulupa thanks you for your hard work on behalf of Horizon, and does not hesitate to offer you more work. It seems there is much and more you can do in the bustling settlement.


Drunken Stag: You'd like a chance to make some money, right? Then I know just how I can repay you for your kindness.

Drunken Stag: Swarms of sun midges have been harassing travelers along the road connecting Horizon to here. It's gotten so bad that the Brass Blades have started paying folks to keep the roads clear.

Drunken Stag: If you find it hard to believe that swarms of tiny midges could be so troublesome, then you've never seen a chocobo driven into a frenzy by one. There've already been some terrible accidents.

Drunken Stag: Do your part and slay a few swarms. After that, let Fufulupa know. He'll reward you for your trouble, and maybe even offer you more work.

After slaying 4 swarms of Sun Midges and speaking to Fufulupa:

Fufulupa: Greetings and salutations, adventurer. To what do I owe this─ What, you've slain how many swarms of sun midges!?

Fufulupa: You have my sincerest thanks! The Brass Blades have been struggling to keep them in check, so your assistance is greatly appreciated.

Fufulupa: Will you be staying in Horizon long? If so, there is much and more you can do to help here.

Fufulupa: Pray allow me to enlist your aid, brave adventurer. I would have you ascertain the whereabouts of a missive I sent to Lost Hope the other day.

Fufulupa: Captain Leofric is stationed there. Ever since he was transferred, we've exchanged letters, but never before has it taken this long to receive a reply.

Fufulupa: And so I fear that the courier may have met with some misfortune en route.

Fufulupa: She must have made it to central Thanalan, or the Brass Blades that patrol the roads between here and Scorpion Crossing would have seen something. But, if she made it as far as Black Brush Station, she would have surely delivered the letter by now. Lost Hope is practically on its doorstep...

Fufulupa: I suggest you focus your search on the road to Black Brush Station, in central Thanalan. With luck, you will find her quickly.