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The Measure of His Reach (Quest)

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Main Scenario Quest icon.png

The Measure of His Reach

Quest giver
The Lochs (X:8.0, Y:21.7)
Quest line
Stormblood Main Scenario

Required items
1  Raubahn's Package
Experience 46,000
Gil 2,101
Previous quest
The Legacy of Our Fathers
Next quest
Stormblood (Quest)

Raubahn has a personal favor to ask of you.

— In-game description


  • Defeat the Ferae Domitae.
  • Defeat Hakuro Whitefang.


  • Raubahn has a personal favor to ask of you.


Solo Duty:
Part 1:
You must defeat five wolfmen to advance. Use any available AoE skills to speed the process. Defeating the group of Spear-wolves that charge at you initially will be sufficient; the Bow-wolves can be ignored more or less entirely, as their damage output is fairly low.

Part 2:
You must defeat Hakuro Whitefang by completely depleting his HP. It will be a long fight as he has high HP and has a arsenal of large, damaging AoE attacks. Attempt to practice dodging his initial attacks in preparation for when he combines them as the battle progresses. There will be many overlapping effects towards the end of the fight.

After a while, Alphinaud will dismiss his Obsidian Carbuncle and summon a Moonstone Carbuncle that generates a small defensive AoE. Stepping within this grants the Shining Moonstone buff, which lasts for one minute and increases the damage you deal whilst reducing the damage you take.

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