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The Diabolical Bismarck

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The Diabolical Bismarck

The Limitless Blue (Extreme).png
Quest giver
The Rising Stones (X:6.1, Y:5.2)
Quest line
The Warring Triad
Required items
1 Weeping eye of the manukmanai icon1.png  Weeping Eye of the Manukmanai
Gil 5,000
Previous quest
Gods of Eld

Unukalhai would have you face the Lord of the Mists once more.

— In-game description




The North American and European datacenters primarily use Party Finder to challenge (Extreme) content. Using Duty Finder to match with random players is not recommended and will be more difficult than pre-forming a party. Note that despite the quest text, players only need to complete the trial using any means, not necessarily with Duty Finder matchmaking, to complete the quest. For an easy completion, it is recommended that players use Party Finder and form an Unrestricted Party (i.e., with level sync disabled). Players who wish to complete this duty with level sync enabled should also form a pre-made party, which also enables the use of Minimum Item Level and Silence Echo settings for an additional challenge.



  • Unukalhai would have you face the Lord of the Mists once more.
  • To prevent the awakening of the Warring Triad, Bismarck must be cast down once more, and Unukalhai declares that you shall slay him using the same method as before. The boy then furnishes you with a large gemstone and bids you show it to Chief Sonu of the Zundu, in case he is feeling reluctant to give you all that you require.
  • Chief Sonu believes the gemstone in your possession is a relic of great power. If smashed against a Vundu aetheryte nestled in the Whale's Crown, it will render Bismarck vulnerable... Yet, upon further reflection, you recall no mention of the white whale's newfound invulnerability prior to this. That said, if the primal does have some form of protection, it will need to be circumvented before he can be defeated. Inform Cid of your new task.
  • Cid seems poised to explain in detail how Chief Sonu's request makes no sense whatsoever. However, he instead hazards that it might bring you good luck.
  • With all your might, you smash the gemstone against the aetheryte...and nothing much happens. Out of habit, you attune with the aetheryte...and again, nothing much happens. If your actions had any meaning, it remains to be seen. In any case, Cid is waiting.
    • ※The Limitless Blue (Extreme) can be accessed via the Duty Finder.
  • The floating isles and their inhabitants need no longer fear a grisly end in the White's belly, as the ravenous flying whale has once more been returned to the aether. Chief Sonu should be glad to hear of your latest triumph.
  • Chief Sonu reveals that in returning to Ok' Zundu with the Weeping Eye of the Manukmanai, you were fulfilling an ancient prophecy. Legend has it that a Vanu elder once cast the eyes into the Sea of Clouds, proclaiming that they would return to the Vanu in the possession of a hero, who would then deliver them from destruction. And so, your battle with the White shall be preserved and passed down from generation to generation, doubtless growing greater with each telling...
  • Your victory was written in the aether, and Unukalhai read it long before you returned. Yet you know all too well not to rejoice overmuch in the accomplishment, for such threats are wont to return again and again.