The Dataqi Chronicles: Deterrence

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The Dataqi Chronicles: Deterrence
Type Defend
Location The Azim Steppe - The Sea of Blades (x26.5,y25.4)
Level 65
Duration  ?m
Friendly NPC Anarba, Chief Khalja, Sokhatai, Altani
Enemies Steppe Gedan
Description The Azim Steppe has no shortage of starving hounds, and despite having driven off an entire pack during their last exodus, the Dataqi find themselves surrounded by even more steppe gedan-these even more hungry than the last.
Experience 93,555
Gil 130
Company Seals 373
Previous FATE The Dataqi Chronicles: Deprivation
Next FATE The Dataqi Chronicles: Desperation
The Dataqi Chronicles: Deterrence is a level 65 Defend FATE in The Azim Steppe - The Sea of Blades (x26.5,y25.4).

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