The Dataqi Chronicles: Decimation

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The Dataqi Chronicles: Decimation
Type Defend
Location The Azim Steppe - [[]] (x22.1,y18.7)
Level 65
Duration  ?m
Description The slaughter of their brethren has sent the remaining Matanga into a fit of unbridled fury. No longer content with driving the Dataqi people from their territory, the Matanga now seek the death of the tribe's every last man, woman, and child.
Experience 93,555
Gil 130
Company Seals 373
Previous FATE The Dataqi Chronicles: Diplomacy
Next FATE The Dataqi Chronicles: Divergence
The Dataqi Chronicles: Decimation is a level 65 Defend FATE in The Azim Steppe - [[]] (x22.1,y18.7).

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