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The Crystalline Mean

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the Feature Quest. For the landmark in The Crystarium, see The Crystalline Mean (Landmark). For the crafting and gathering Role Quests for Shadowbringers, see Crystalline Mean Quests.
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The Crystalline Mean

Quest giver
The Crystarium (X:11.0, Y:8.5)
Quest line
Crystalline Mean Quests
Required quest
The Crystarium's Resolve
Experience 54,000
Gil 569
Next quest
Iola, Forgemaster
Cherished Memories
Friends of a Feather
On the Trail of a Myth
Well Eel Be Damned

The work of the Crystalline Mean is never done, and Katliss is ever on the lookout for skilled hands.

— In-game description



  • The work of the Crystalline Mean is never done, and Katliss is ever on the lookout for skilled hands.
  • Seeing you as potential new talent, Katliss asks whether you might be interested in plying your trade at the Crystalline Mean, and you answer in the affirmative. To help get you started, she offers to give you an overview of the operations.
  • Katliss explains that the Crystalline Mean is a center for the procurement and production of those items that make city life possible. The Mean is composed of five facets, each a collective of folk skilled in certain areas, who work together to provide for the Crystarium. There is the Facet of Forging, whose members are experts in metalworking; the Facet of Crafting, which brings together artisans who work with leather, cloth, and wood; the Facet of Nourishing, which strives to ensure that denizens are fed and healthy; the Facet of Gathering, formed of miners and botanists who procure resources all across Norvrandt; and the Facet of Fishing, whose members fish the realm's waters and cultivate marine life. Every facet is always looking to bolster its roster with new talent, and Katliss encourages you to make yourself known to whichever one is a fit for your skills.