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The Converging Light

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The Converging Light

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Quest giver
Kholusia (X:11.5, Y:33.1)
Quest line
Post-Shadowbringers Main Scenario Quests
Experience 22,440
Gil 5,353
Previous quest
Main Scenario QuestEtched in the Stars
Next quest
Main Scenario QuestHope's Confluence

Y'shtola gazes out into the distance.

— In-game description





  • Eager to rendezvous with your comrades, Y'shtola sets off for Eulmore at a brisk pace, leaving you trailing in her wake.
  • You eventually catch up with Y'shtola at the aetheryte plaza, and together walk the last few steps to rejoin your assembled friends.
  • Your comrades listen intently as you recount your recent adventure in the depths, their faces turning grim at the revelation that Elidibus is a primal. Even as you ponder what your foe may do next, another starshower appears in the skies over Eulmore, this time accompanied by an illusion of Amaurot... Yet it does not end there, for you are promptly set upon by spectral warriors who emerge from arcane rings resembling those conjured in the Exarch's summoning rituals. Whatever the reason for this uncanny similarity, all agree that you must take the battle elsewhere lest innocents fall into harm's way. To that end, you resolve to board a waiting airship and fly for the Crystarium.
    • ※To enlist your companion NPCs for this duty, speak with them near the entrance or access Duty Support via the main menu. Use the Duty Finder if you wish to complete the instance alongside fellow players.
  • Not long into your flight, the airship sustains heavy damage and you are forced to land in the wastes of Amh Araeng. Wings thus clipped, you have no choice but to make your way back to the Crystarium on foot, with spectral foes dogging your every step. Though your route proves to be unexpectedly circuitous, aided by many a friend made during your time in Norvrandt, you finally emerge in the familiar environs of Lakeland.
  • So near and yet so far. But a short distance from the Crystarium, you are surrounded by an army of spectral warriors, halting your party's breathless advance. In an oft-repeated scene, your comrades duly volunteer to hold the enemy at bay while you alone press on to your destination, and so you leave them. As you plunge through the forest, you stumble upon the prostrate forms of the Exarch and Beq Lugg, who have apparently escaped a close encounter with Elidibus. In rueful tones, they inform you that the Ascian has stolen the Exarch's spirit vessel─and has thus acquired the means to control the Crystal Tower. Despite his fast-advancing crystallization, the Exarch expresses his determination to help you to put a stop to Elidibus's plot, and fixes his gaze upon the tower.
  • Nearing the Crystarium, the Exarch begs leave to make a brief stop at the Accensor Gate, hoping to send guards to Beq Lugg's aid.
  • While the Exarch is issuing instructions, Lyna arrives to take charge of the situation in the Crystarium. Knowing all too well what is at stake, the two share a brief but heartfelt moment, and then you and the Exarch forge on towards the city.
  • At the Exedra, the Exarch observes with satisfaction that the ward he and Beq Lugg raised over the tower still holds. Within awaits your foe, made mighty by the hopes of the countless heroes he has summoned from other reflections. At a word from you, the Exarch will lift the ward and open the way to your reckoning with Elidibus. See that you are ready.