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The Butterfly Effect

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The Butterfly Effect

When East Meets West.png
Quest giver
Redolent Rose
Ul'dah - Steps of Thal (X:14.3, Y:13.2)

Required items
1 Bustle materials icon1.png  Bustle Materials
1 Elegant bustle icon1.png  Elegant Bustle
Experience 1,557,875
Gil 1,871
Previous quest
When East Meets West
Next quest
The Crane's Caveat

Redolent Rose's eyes are gleaming with excitement as you approach.

— In-game description


Optional rewards



  • Redolent Rose's eyes are gleaming with excitement as you approach.
  • You arrive at the guild to find Redolent Rose beside himself with joy at the sheer variety and quality of silks that arrived in the first shipment from the Far East. He also shares with you some unexpected news: Master Keimei of Daitenya has invited you to Kugane to personally oversee a series of commissions of considerable import. With the blessing of your guildmaster, you set off for the land of Hingashi, that you might forge yet stronger bonds with your new trading partner, and broaden your aesthetic horizons in the process.
  • Master Keimei welcomes you to Kugane and promptly explains the nature of his request: he intends to bring the trends of Eorzea to the Far East and usher in a new age of fashion and enlightenment. To that end, he would have you weave a dress in the Ishgardian tradition to be worn by a geiko—a Hingan dancing girl—who has struck his fancy. Head to Sanjo Hanamachi—the flower district—to learn more about the request from the girl herself.
  • You arrive in the Hanamachi to find that the geiko in question, by the name of Kotocho, is none other than the young woman who had accompanied master Keimei to Ul'dah. She reveals, under the condition of secrecy, that the idea of bringing Western fashions to her homeland was originally her own, though one that the young master was quick to adopt. She would have you fashion for her a dress in the Ishgardian style, with a butterfly motif to match the meaning of her assumed name, in hopes of rising above her peers and claiming a position of prominence in the flower district. Impressed with the girl's ambition and resolve, you make for Daitenya to procure the fabrics you require.
  • Master Keimei is most impressed with Kotocho's concept for the dress, and encourages you to commence work on it as soon as you are able. Any materials you need, he explains, will be provided to you free of charge if you but speak with Yagiri, who attends the stall beside him.
  • Yagiri is more than eager to furnish you with an ample quantity of fine Ul'dahn fabric, imported especially for the occasion by Master Keimei. He assures you that there is plenty more in stock, and that you only speak to him again should your initial efforts not be to your satisfaction.
  • Master Keimei is quite taken with the dress you have fashioned, and immediately summons Kotocho from the flower district, that she might slip her arms through its sleeves. She emerges wearing your creation, the very picture of Eastern and Western sensibilities come together as one, and all present bask in her beauty. With Master Keimei's encouragement, she vows not to let your needlework go to waste, confidently declaring that she will usher in a new age of fashion in the Hanamachi, and Kugane as a whole. Continue to hone your skills, that you might continue to provide her with daring new fashions that will challenge the conventional sensibilities of the land.