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When East Meets West

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When East Meets West

When East Meets West.png
Quest giver
Redolent Rose
Ul'dah - Steps of Thal (X:14.3, Y:13.2)
Required quest
Main Scenario QuestThe Far Edge of Fate
Experience 1,337,500
Gil 680
Previous quest
Feature QuestNever Leave without a Good-bye
Next quest
Feature QuestThe Butterfly Effect

Redolent Rose has a choice task for his prized protégé.

— In-game description




  • Redolent Rose has a choice task for his prized protégé.
  • Redolent Rose can scarcely contain his excitement at your arrival. As the guildmaster tells it, he has an appointment to meet a most promising new trading partner from the Far East, and he is confident that the presence of his most talented protégé—would help the negotiations proceed even more smoothly. Seek out the young master of Daitenya in the markets of the Ruby Road Exchange, and do try to make a good first impression.
  • The young master introduces himself as Keimei of Kugane, a port city of the land of Hingashi. He explains that he has traveled to this realm with his female companion in hopes of finding Eorzean fashions that he could introduce to his homeland. When the young man expresses concerns that the garb of the Ul'dahn dancing girls may not quite suit Far Eastern sensibilities, Redolent Rose suggests that he pay a visit to the palace ball, where he might find the attire of the visiting Ishgardian delegation more to his liking. The youth expresses his enthusiasm and at the guildmaster's request, you agree to accompany your two guests to the Royal Promenade.
  • Keimei and his female companion find themselves besmitten by Ishgardian attire, in particular the bustle worn by the Lady Laniaitte. It would seem that the young master is now fully convinced that Eorzean fashions would find a receptive audience in his homeland. His companion has also heard that you are an accomplished weaver yourself, and coyly expresses her interest in one day wearing one of your creations. You set off for the Weavers' Guild, where your new friends are doubtless hammering out the final details with Redolent Rose.
  • Much as you expected, the negotiations have been completed without a hitch, and Redolent Rose triumphantly declares this day the start of a new era for his guild. your new associates take their leave, expressing their eagerness to see the wonderful garments you will produce for them, and extending a cordial invitation to visit them in Kugane one day. Shirk not your training, that you might be able to share the wonders of Eorzean fashion with your friends from across the Ruby Sea.