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The Crane's Caveat

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The Crane's Caveat

When East Meets West.png
Quest giver
Kugane (X:11.1, Y:8.2)
Required items
1 Spring dress materials icon1.png  Spring Dress Materials
1 Winsome spring dress icon1.png  Winsome Spring Dress
Experience 1,758,750
Gil 821
Previous quest
The Butterfly Effect
Next quest
A Geiko for All Seasons

Keimei would have you fashion another masterwork for his butterfly.

— In-game description


Optional rewards



  • Keimei would have you fashion another masterwork for his butterfly.
  • The dress that you fashioned for Kotocho has clearly made an impression. To hear Master Keimei tell it, the girl is the new darling of the Hanamachi, and—despite her relative lack of experience—has received an unprecedented invitation to perform at the inaugural Kaiko-odori, a festival celebrating the opening of Kugane's port to the world. The young master is eager to capitalize on the opportunity, and would have you fashion for the girl a garment that will capture the eyes of the numerous foreign dignitaries who are expected to attend. Seek out Kotocho, that you find the inspiration you need to commence work on your next masterpiece.
  • After a brief discussion with Kotocho, you conclude that a spring dress would be ideal for the occasion—affording both the freedom of movement needed to flutter elegantly across the grand stage, as well as an exotic touch to impress a cultured, discerning audience. Resolving to once again do what you can to help see the ambitious geiko's dreams realized, you make for Daitenya to procure the necessary materials from Master Keimei.
  • Master Keimei is most intrigued by your design concept, if a bit uncomfortable with the prospect of his precious butterfly exposing too much shoulder. Nonetheless, he gives you his blessing to commence your needlework, assuring you that his man Yagiri will once again provide you with any and all materials you require.
  • Yagiri offers his gratitude for your continued efforts, commenting that the popularity of your work has business booming and the young master in particularly high spirits. He hands you a healthy quantity of exceedingly fine fabric, and encourages you to continue your most exquisite work.
  • Master Keimei rejoices upon seeing your handiwork and immediately summons for Kotocho. The girl has scarcely slipped her arms through the sleeves when the three of you are joined by Kototsuru, a veteran geiko who is less than impressed with what she perceives as her junior's lack of respect for modesty and tradition. With an ominous warning that the girl's fame is doomed to be fleeting, she walks away. Kotocho, for her part, is more determined than ever, and you and master Keimei vow to redouble your efforts to see that her debut on the grandest of stages is every bit a success.