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May Featherfall Flourish

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May Featherfall Flourish

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Francel is ready to make a triumphant return home.

— In-game description





  • Francel is ready to make a triumphant return home.
  • Francel is in high spirits after your visits to Gridania, Ul'dah, and now Limsa Lominsa have proved an unqualified success, and Lord Charlemend, for his part, seems quite satisfied to have finally managed to contribute something to the cause. You and your companions are now free to make a triumphant homecoming to Ishgard, where Francel would welcome you to Featherfall and hear any advice you might have regarding the final preparations before the markets are opened.
  • You and your traveling companions return to the Firmament, where Francel is warmly greeted by his siblings. Expressing their admiration for their little brother's accomplishments in spurring trade to and from their homeland, they go on to pledge their support to do whatever must be done to see that the new commercial district flourishes. As the siblings eagerly discuss their bold plans for the future, Lord Charlemend─as much to himself as to you─ponders the lessons he has learned over the course of the journey. His musings are then interrupted by Francel, who is ready at last to escort you to Featherfall.
  • You arrive in Featherfall, where preparations are already well underway to open the new marketplace for business. Lord Francel once more cordially expresses his gratitude for all you have done for his cause, and Lord Charlemend returns the kind words along with some parting advice and encouragement for the young nobleman. With the future looking bright for the Firmament, you are all but ready to bid your companions farewell when the count pulls you aside and asks for your advice on a matter that concerns him of late...