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Balancing the Spear

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Balancing the Spear

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Quest giver
Saint Endalim's Scholasticate (X:5.9, Y:5.9)
Quest line
Scholasticate Quests
Experience 0
Gil 810
Previous quest
The Benefits of Consultation
Next quest
More than Meets Her Eye

Bruvagnon is ready to say what is really on his mind.

— In-game description



  • Bruvagnon is ready to say what is really on his mind.
  • Bruvagnon explains to you that those who strive for a favorable position within the Holy See must first graduate from the scholasticate with the highest marks─as one of the Trinity, or the top three seats which receive a formal endorsement. However, due to the revelations regarding Ishgard's history, both the curriculum and the traditional means of assessment are currently being reevaluated. Without a clear path to the Trinity, the students have grown disillusioned and angry, with some lashing out at their peers.
  • You meet with Headmistress Elviane and the other clergy of the scholasticate, who relay to you and Briardien their wealth of concerns. While they acknowledge that the uncertainty regarding the rankings is partially to blame, they posit it is but part of a larger problem─a fundamental crisis of faith. That being said, the headmistress and her administrators are quite concerned that some students may attempt to manipulate the interim evaluation system to their advantage. Therefore, the administration would have you and Briardien remain vigilant for any unscrupulous behavior that they might conduct a fair and equitable assessment of the graduating seniors.
  • After the meeting with the headmistress, the soft-spoken clergyman introduces himself as Saturnois, a scholasticate instructor who often interacts with the underprivileged students of the seminary. Briardien surmises that it would be prudent to learn more about the students and their aspirations. Gaetelle and Saturnois suggest getting to know the students yourself, as they behave differently in the presence of their instructors. Gaetelle recommends starting with the dormitory prefect, Archombadin de Dzemael.
  • You speak with Archombadin de Dzemael and Lebrassoir de Bonfaurt, who express their opinions on the current turmoil in the Holy See, as well as their hope that the students of the scholasticate will rein in their impulses towards reformation. During your discussion, Archombadin mentions that Gaetelle has given them the task of guiding truant students back to their studies, and Briardien suspects others are doing the same.
  • In your search for other students, you come across Theomocent and Leigh, who intend to go to Foundation to coax their friends back to their studies. Theomocent is hopeful that they will be able to find like-minded students to support their cause, while Leigh's attitude is less optimistic. During your observations, you also meet a highborn student surrounded by his female admirers. He introduces himself as Crammevoix de Maintigny, and appears to have done well in his efforts to persuade a fellow seminarian to return. During a conversation between the two about the nobles taking more responsibility in redressing the imbalance, the smiling seminarian mentions she was to pen a treatise—that is, until her primary text, volume eleven of The Seventy-two Articles of Halonic Polity, went missing. Nevertheless, she leaves to gather her things and return to the seminary, prompting Crammevoix to take his leave for a nap.
  • Gaetelle announces the results of the exercise, with Archombadin and Lebrassoir guiding back the most students to the scholasticate. Though present for the announcement, Crammevoix's name is not among those mentioned, and Archombadin soon makes it clear that the girl he was speaking with, Ulaa, has instead formally withdrawn from the scholasticate. Crammevoix is suspicious of Ulaa's sudden departure, mentioning the dormitory prefect's open disagreement with her views on equality. The quarrel between the highborn students escalates, in which Archombadin utters a biting comment about House Maintigny, prompting Crammevoix to leave. Upon witnessing the feud, Briardien suggests the girl's withdrawal is worthy of further investigation.