Storms on the Horizon

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Storms on the Horizon

Quest giver
Western Thanalan (X:17, Y:16)
Quest line
Seventh Umbral Era

Experience 12,320
Gil 195
Previous quest
Following Footfalls
Next quest
Oh Captain, My Captain

Nunuzofu wants you to deliver a message to Crescent Cove.

— In-game description


Optional rewards



  • Though the fishermen of Crescent Cove have had a poor catch in recent days, Raffe swears that the captain will have his fish. While your business in the village is concluded, Raffe's nervous reaction to Captain Baldewyn's request lingers in your mind. Perhaps you should speak with others in Crescent Cove and see if there is aught amiss.


Nunuzofu: Hey, adventurer! Mind runnin' a message to Crescent Cove for us?

Nunuzofu: Captain Baldewyn's plannin' some festivities for the thaumaturges, see, and he wants 'em treated to the finest food and drink. Nothin' but the best for our distinguished guests, eh?

Nunuzofu: Head west and south to the village and tell Raffe that he's to deliver a bounty of fresh fish to Horizon for the feast.

Speaking to Raffe:

Raffe: F-Fresh fish for Captain Baldewyn? Of course, of course! We will do our best, sir/[GENDER].

Raffe: U-Unfortunately, we've had a poor catch in recent days on account of the rough seas. More boats should be returning soon, but I cannot promise that their catch will please.

Raffe: But don't worry, sir/[GENDER]! The captain will have his fish! I swear it!

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