Sibling Strife

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Sidequest.pngHildibrand Quest

Quest Giver Hildibrand - Western Thanalan (x28, y24)
Requirements Level 50
Items Needed
Reward Gil 799
Previous Quest Next Quest
Shades of Sil'dih Beneath the Mask




  • Search for Hob.


  • Hildibrand is onto something, or at least he thinks he is.
  • Thoroughly convinced that your adversary─the phantom thief-turned-murderer─is a vengeful Sil'dihn spirit seeking retribution for centuries-old war crimes, Hildibrand proposes a trip to the Thaumaturges' Guild, where one might learn more about the troubled history of the sibling nations. Briardien acquiesces, if only to get his meddling rival out of his hair while he pursues his own line of investigation. Accompany Inspector Hildibrand to the guild to see what information might be had.
  • Questioning a number of thaumaturges at the guild, you learn of the horrors of the so-called War of the Sisters, which culminated with Sil'dih's horrific attempt to raise a fearsome zombie legion from the ranks of its own citizens. Share these frightful findings with Inspector Hildibrand, who is surely eager to put his famed deductive powers to work.
  • Upon hearing your report, Hildibrand proposes securing an apology from a doubtless long-dead Sil'dihn statesman as a means to appease the wayward soul that he still believes the phantom thief-cum-murderer to be. Briardien dismisses this theory out of hand, while granting that the Sil'dih connection is indeed worth exploring. As the consulting inspector ponders the relationship between the murder victims, Ellie shares rumors she heard about a man who was sighted trying to make contact with more than one of the victims while they still lived. Seek out this man, the trader Guguriya of Horizon, to see what stories he may have to tell.
  • Despite his reluctance, Guguriya speaks with you after being prodded along by a timely appearance from Lady Durilda. He reveals that the victims were all members of the Arbiters of Truth─a secret society devoted to preventing false knowledge of Ul'dahn history from reaching the ears of the general populace─and that they were turned to zombies before being slain. He further shares with you the identity of his employer, a man by the name of Hob, who─fearing for his life after the murders of his colleagues─has already fled the sultanate. Hurry to Vesper Bay and seek the man out before he meets a similarly gruesome fate.
  • Your arrival in Vesper Bay comes too late, as the unfortunate Hob has already been reduced to a slavering zombie. After you have finished putting the poor man out of his misery, Inspector Briardien proposes a return to the Heart of the Sworn in Ul'dah, that you may deliver a full report to Captain Phillice. Ellie and Nashu set off for the Mythril Eye offices to do some additional investigating, with a plan to rendezvous when both groups have finished with their tasks.
  • Your conversation with Phillice is interrupted by a scream from the direction of the vault. Racing to the scene, you come upon Miss Ellie and an unconscious Sultansworn, who a quick dash of demasking dust reveals to be none other than the thief of many faces. There is scarcely time to rejoice in this most unexpected and fortunate turn of events when a stumbling Hildibrand accidentally dumps a second sachet of dust on the fallen man's face, removing a second mask to reveal that he is indeed one of Phillice's men, after all. In the meantime, Ellie is nowhere to be found. Phillice is quick to take action, declaring the Mythril Eye reporter the phantom thief and sending her full contingent out to secure her arrest. And yet, in a case which has taken one surprising turn after the next, is everything as simple as it seems...?

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