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Shadows of the Past

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Shadows of the Past

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Quest giver
The Empty (X:5.9, Y:6.4)
Quest line
Eden Quests
Experience 0
Gil 3,000
Previous quest
Fear of the Dark
Next quest
Voice of the Soul

Gaia is more than a little vexed that your last outing did not result in greater changes in the Empty.

— In-game description


Optional rewards


  • Speak with Ryne.
  • Enter Eden's core.
  • Speak with Ryne.
  • Use the Duty Finder to enter Eden's Promise: Litany.
  • Speak with Ryne.


  • Gaia is more than a little vexed that your last outing did not result in greater changes in the Empty.
  • The flora of the Empty still shows little sign of returning to life in spite of your recent efforts in rebalancing the ambient aether. Suddenly, an Ascian appears before you and claims to be Mitron. After being defeated by Ardbert and the other Warriors of Light a hundred years ago, the Ascian was transformed into Eden and unleashed the Flood of Light. Your attempts to revive the Empty had actually served to weaken the bonds of Light that once held Mitron, who is now capable of far more than simply whispering to Gaia as the voice in her head. However, before you are able to unravel any of the mysteries that yet remain, the servant of Zodiark retreats to Eden's core, inviting you all to follow if you wish to learn more.
  • In addition to the sudden appearance of an Ascian, another worrying problem presents itself: the worsening of Gaia's amnesia. She now has no recollection whatsoever of Thancred and Urianger, and it seems to be more than mere coincidence that this has occurred alongside Mitron's arrival. In the hope of preventing any further memory loss, you resolve to make your way to Eden's core, aware that you may very well be walking into a trap.
  • You arrive in Eden's core, where Mitron states that you will reenact the climactic encounter that took place a hundred years ago between the Warriors of Light and the Shadowkeeper. This appears to be an elaborate scheme to awaken Gaia's dormant memories, though the Ascian provides no hint as to how she is connected to events that occurred long before her birth. Gaia herself vehemently refuses to cooperate in any such plan, which succeeds only in sending the Ascian into a blind rage, culminating in Gaia being spirited away by arcane magicks. Mitron issues a final challenge to defeat the Shadowkeeper, then vanishes from sight.
  • With Gaia at Mitron's mercy, you have no choice but to obey. Ryne agrees that although the situation is dire, there may yet be an opportunity to rescue her. However, you must first confront the stygian foe that Ardbert and his comrades once vanquished, taking on the role of a Warrior of Light from days past.
  • After a hard-fought struggle, you finally overcome the ferocious Shadowkeeper. Upon being transported back to Eden's core, you are surprised to see that Gaia has also returned, seemingly none the worse for wear.
  • There appears to have been some truth in Mitron's claims that reenacting the battle fought by the Warriors of Light would restore Gaia's memories. She cannot escape the feeling that she has somehow witnessed these events before, a phenomenon that the Ascian is only too glad to elucidate. A hundred years ago, Mitron and Loghrif were tasked with carrying out Emet-Selch's plan to flood the world with Light and thus trigger a Rejoining, only to be defeated by Ardbert and his companions. Though the two Ascians had combined their strength by merging into a single entity, Ardbert's Light-infused final blow shattered the bonds that held them together, destroying Loghrif instantly. Mitron, however, was engulfed in Light before being able to escape to the void, and was transformed into Eden, the first sin eater, and thereby causing the Flood of Light. In the years that followed, Mitron remained trapped within Eden, desperately calling out to Loghrif, who had since been reborn. It is then that the Ascian reveals the awful truth: that Gaia is the reincarnation of Loghrif.