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Fear of the Dark

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Fear of the Dark

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Quest giver
The Empty (X:6.7, Y:5.9)
Quest line
Eden Quests
Experience 0
Gil 3,000
Previous quest
Feature QuestEmpty Promise
Next quest
Feature QuestShadows of the Past

Gaia appears to be conversing with the voice inside her head.

— In-game description


Choose one of the following options:



  • Gaia appears to be conversing with the voice inside her head.
  • You and Ryne can only look on in worry as Gaia is overcome by another assault on her senses caused by the voice in her head. Thankfully, this troubling episode ends as suddenly as it began, though she is left with the lingering notion of using Darkness to restore the Empty. Ryne soon realizes that this may indeed provide a means by which to revitalize the withered flora. It seems that the Light's influence on the ambient aether is still too strong to allow life to flourish, and shifting the alignment closer to Darkness should redress the balance. The three of you make your way to Eden's core to put your theories to the test.
  • In order to restore balance to the aether, you must call upon the image of an entity embodying Darkness. As you have no experience fighting primals of that nature, your memories of the Cloud of Darkness, ruler among voidsent, will instead form the basis for the summoning.
  • With Ryne and Gaia working in harmony to manipulate the ambient aether, the plan to call forth a likeness of the Cloud of Darkness is a success. Naturally, you rise to the occasion and slay the beast, returning its aether to the Empty. Gaia is keen to return to the camp to observe whether your efforts have yielded the desired results.
  • Much to your dismay, the once-verdant foliage is no closer to being rejuvenated. However, the strangely shifting hues of the crystal that towers above indicate that something has it for good or ill.