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Voice of the Soul

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Voice of the Soul

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Quest giver
The Core (X:23.5, Y:23.5)
Quest line
Eden Quests

Experience 0
Gil 3,000
Previous quest
Shadows of the Past
Next quest
Where I Belong

Ryne is racked with agony as unseen tendrils grasp at her memories.

— In-game description


Optional rewards


  • Use the Duty Finder to enter Eden's Promise: Anamorphosis.
  • Use the Duty Finder to enter Eden's Promise: Eternity.
  • Speak with Ryne.
  • With the chat mode in Say, enter “Gaia” to call out to her.
  • Speak with Ryne.


  • Ryne is racked with agony as unseen tendrils grasp at her memories.
  • The entity formed by the fusion of Mitron and Gaia reaches into Ryne's mind, drawing on her greatest hopes and fears. The Ascian intends to shape these memories into an adversary created solely to destroy you and Ryne. Though it is impossible to predict the form your foe will take, you grit your teeth and prepare for battle.
  • The grueling encounter reaches its conclusion as you triumph over the terrifying amalgamation of Ryne's most profound memories. What effect, if any, your victory may have had remains to be seen.
  • The fused Ascian is nigh on delirious upon discovering that such imperfect beings could succeed where the ancients once failed, by overcoming the manifestation of your own fears. As your foe moves to strike you down, Gaia's consciousness intervenes, forestalling the attack. This, however, only serves to enrage the Ascian, who begins to erase Gaia's memories one by one. Your adversary then proceeds to draw vast amounts of aether into Eden in order to create a utopia in which time has no meaning. The Ascian then disappears, though neither you or Ryne intend to abandon Gaia to her fate. Ryne exerts her control over Eden, disrupting the aetherial flow, granting you an opportunity to give chase.
  • You withstand a relentless assault and finally succeed in freeing Gaia from Mitron. Though she appears physically unscathed by her ordeals, she remains unconscious, leaving Ryne visibly concerned.
  • Ryne's desperate attempts to wake Gaia are to no avail. For want of any better ideas, you decide to call her name in the hope that she will return to her senses.
  • Calling out to Gaia fails to have any discernible effect, but all is not lost. The ice crystal necklace that was previously concealed in Gaia's sleeve begins to glow, and Ryne is certain that it can somehow be used to reach out to your comatose friend.
  • At long last, Gaia awakens, greeted by the sight of the Empty flourishing with the bounties of nature. While Ryne is ecstatic to have fulfilled her dream of rejuvenating the once-barren wasteland, you sense that it is the safe return of her dear friend that means the most to her.



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