Ruffled Feathers

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Main Scenario Quest icon.png

Ruffled Feathers

Quest giver
Central Shroud (X:20, Y:21)

Experience 5,250
Previous quest
Threat Level Elevated
Next quest
Leia's Legacy

Keitha, the head wrangler at Bentbranch Meadows, wishes you to gather roselet seeds from which she hopes to extract an oil known to calm agitated chocobos.

— In-game description


Optional rewards


  • Obtain roselet seeds from roselets. 0/6
  • Deliver the roselet seeds to Keitha at Bentbranch Meadows.


  • With supplies running low, Keitha is in need of an adventurer to collect roselet seeds, which are used to create an oil that soothes agitated chocobos. Obtain six roselet seeds from the roselets that inhabit the area around Galvanth's Spire.
  • You have collected six roselet seeds. Deliver them to Keitha at Bentbranch Meadows.
  • Having delivered the roselet seeds to Keitha, the head wrangler admits she is none the wiser as to what might have been troubling her chocobos. She remains hopeful, nevertheless, that the oil obtained from the seeds will help to calm the distressed birds.