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Rock Bottom

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Rock Bottom

Quest giver
The Ruby Sea (X:5.7, Y:14.7)

Required items
Nayoshi's  Rod
"Nayoshi's" is not a number.

Hooked  Bombfish Corpse
"Hooked" is not a number.
Experience 95,850
Gil 900
Previous quest
Tide Goes in
Imperials Go Out
A Glimmer of Hope
Next quest
Passing the Torch

Nayoshi is eager to put the wooden fishing lure to the test.

— In-game description


  • Speak with Nayoshi and slay the hooked bombfish.


  • Nayoshi is eager to put the wooden fishing lure to the test.
  • Nayoshi is certain that the wooden fishing lure is the answer to all his problems and he is eager to give it a try. Follow him to the northeastern cliffs to make sure he does not get too far ahead of himself.
  • You catch up to Nayoshi, who has already attempted to use the lure and lost his rod in the process. He explains how shortly after he cast his line, a large fish took the bait. A violent skirmish ensued, and as he attempted to reel it ashore, he was thrown into his barrel. The impact caused him to drop his rod, which was pulled into the sea. Unable to dive into the waters to retrieve it himself, he once again appeals to you for assistance.
  • You dive into the nearby waters and after a bit of rooting around you come across Nayoshi's rod, which has settled upon the seabed. With it in hand, you return to where he awaits you.
  • As soon as you return Nayoshi's lost property to him, he announces that he will make a second attempt with the wooden lure. After telling you he is certain he is about to catch a big fish, he casts his line. Nayoshi's enthusiasm quickly turns into fear, however, as he pulls a monster ashore.
  • Having partially anticipated this would happen, you quickly slay the hooked bombfish that has appeared, and its lifeless corpse falls to the ground. Nayoshi is visibly disappointed by the results of his latest fishing attempt. Perhaps you should speak with him.
  • Koruri, having seen everything from afar, approaches you and Nayoshi. She chides the fisherman, saying he must quickly dispose of the monster's remains before they start to attract other wild animals. Nayoshi decides to burn the bombfish using the broken barrel, but the wood is still slightly wet and sparks he strikes do not fully take. Seeing this, he tells you he will return to the village to retrieve dry planks and asks that you place the corpse into the cask while he is away.
  • The damp planks that are still smoldering from Nayoshi's initial attempts to set them on fire, burst into flames the moment you lower the bombfish corpse into the broken barrel. This takes everyone by surprise, and the three of you speculate what could have generated the fire.
  • You conclude that the hooked bombfish is a fatty creature and the layers of grease in its body are what caused the whimpering flames to grow into a roaring fire. Nayoshi, however, seems indifferent to this observation and simply stares down sadly at the pile of ash, where he claims his unfulfilled dreams now rest. He then declares he will never again touch a fishing rod and will be leaving the village of Isari behind for good. While he seems determined, Koruri and you are left wondering if that is truly the answer...



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