Rice and Shine

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Rice and Shine
Type Collect Items
Location Yanxia - The Glittering Basin (x25.9,y23.4)
Level 64
Duration  ?m
Delivery NPC Flabbergasted Farmwife
Items Needed Rice Seedling
Enemies Thieving Namazu
Description Namazu wildlings have once again invaded Namai; though not in search of food or coin, but intent on stealing the village's stock of rice seedlings. If not retrieved, the farmers will miss their planting window, and risk losing their entire crop-a disaster that would leave more than one family hungry come winter.
Experience 89,910
Gil 128
Company Seals 368
Rice and Shine is a level 64 Collect Items FATE in Yanxia - The Glittering Basin (x25.9,y23.4).

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